8 Must Read RV Books

If you have an upcoming RV trip, you may be overwhelmed, especially if this is your first time renting. Doing research ahead of your trip is a great idea to gain knowledge of RVing and to get yourself on track to have an amazing trip.  On the other hand, I love reading books related to what I am doing and immersing myself in my adventures.  Here are 8 of my favorite books from guides to entertainment, these will get you in the mood and on point for your first or next RV trip.

Roadmap to Adventure – Your Guide to Stress-Free Travel

Looking for a guide to learn and easily plan out your trips?  If so this book is what you are looking for.  It includes four sections – Planning, Preparation, On the Road, and Maintenance which will cover all of the bases of your RV Trip.  It gives you short to the point tips on how to make your trips more organized and stress-free.  In addition, it includes a 30-page planner which will give you plan worksheets, checklists, and journals to plan and document your trip.

Where Should We Camp Next?

This book is my go-to resource when planning an RV trip. It suggests over 300 campgrounds throughout all 50 states.  The best part is they are categorized by region so you can easily find the information you need for the state(s) you are visiting.  Each campground is also given a badge to notate whether they are family-friendly, water sites, couples getaway, etc. to find a campground that will best fit your needs.

RVing Across America – A Quest to Visit All 50 States

While not a how-to guide or book of suggested travel destinations, it is still worth a read. The author Alyssa Padgett gives comical stories which give you a real look at what it is like to live the RV life.  It documents the travels of 2 newlyweds visiting all 50 states and what they encountered on the road.  I am sure you will get some inspiration when you hit the road.

Next Exit

The Next Exit book gives you a quick snapshot of what stores, restaurants, and gas stations are at each exit.  This book is so helpful and has saved my husband and me from many arguments while on the road.  You no longer have to guess which Exit will have the stops you need with this handy book.

Camper & Criminal Series

If you love murder mysteries, this series of books by Tanya Kappes, make for a quick read while sitting by the campfire.  A city girl inherits a campground and all of her adventures lead to another camper’s demise.  Although this may sound menacing or a bit spooky to read while on a campground, the comical nature of the lead character makes it a fun, light-hearted read.

Campground Gourmet

This book will up-level your campground cooking.  No more hamburgers and hot dogs.  You will get over 100 unique easy-to-make recipes that the whole family will enjoy. There are recipes for breakfast, sandwiches, wraps, side dishes, and desserts.  There are also great recipes for sauces and rubs that you can make ahead and then enjoy at the campground.

Campground Kids

Get the kids involved in reading about the places you visit with the Campground Kids series which is set in National Parks throughout the United States.  There is currently a set of 3 books set in the Smoky Mountains, Grand Teton, and Zion.  Great for elementary readers.  We especially love that the author is an RVer herself.

I find that when camping I finally have the time to read.  I hope you add some of these recommendations to your reading list.  If you are interested in taking an RV trip this summer, you can book an RV rental here.  We have 100’s of units available in over 20 locations throughout the United States so we are sure you will find something that you and your family will love.

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