8 space-saving camper ideas

The best part of camping is being able to escape the real-world for a bit. One struggle that comes with camping? Limited space.. of course! Check out a few tips that we have collected to save you space (and maybe even some sanity).

Storage bins

The best thing about storage bins is that they come in many shapes and sizes. A lot of them can fit right under the master bed.. but if that isn’t doable in the camper, they can stack right on top of each other and fit in a cupboard.

Folding clothes technique

Clothes take up a lot of space – this might be the hardest part about packing, especially with kids! Preparation is key and doing laundry may not be an option. This is a space-saving laundry technique that can even be used at home! Check out the video here.

Vacuum-sealed bags

If an extra-long vacation is in your future, packing clothes can again be really daunting. Vacuum-sealed storage bags are an easy way to keep clothes fresh and to save space. These types of bags can really consolidate space-hogs, like pillows, blankets, and towels.

Collapsible laundry baskets

If you’re finding yourself tripping over laundry baskets, try buying the collapsible kind. Easy to use, the same amount of space when open, and they can be tucked away when not in use.

Bedside storage

Lack of space in the “master bedroom” can be a big annoyance. Between books, chargers, tissues, water bottles, etc… there never seems to be enough space. A bedside organizer might be a good storage tool. These can be tucked under the mattress and lay against the side of the bed. Boom, pockets on pockets = so much storage.

Over-the-seat organizer

In the same sense, try an over-the-seat organizer in your motorhome. This can be a great place for kids to put their books, tablets, magazines, or snacks.

Make-shift shelves

Those “hallway” cupboards in campers are great for larger items, but sometimes a good shelving unit is needed to add even more storage space. Check online for a shoe rack that could fit your cupboard’s dimensions. A shoe rack can add 3/4 shelves that can be removed easily if needed.

Velcro remotes

Ok… this isn’t really space-saving, but it is genius! Losing a remote anywhere is frustrating, but here’s an easy hack: connect a velcro square to the back of the remote and then another one in an easy to reach place. Let everyone know that that is the designated space. Hopefully finding that remote won’t be a problem anymore.


Were any of these new to you? What are some of your favorite space-saving techniques while camping?

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