Camping Activities To Keep you Occupied During the Pandemic

Are you spending the quarantine staring out the window at your camper wondering when your next trip will be? Believe me, I understand how you feel. We had a trip to Disney Fort Wilderness planned for spring break, that we surprised the kids with at Christmas that we just had to cancel. We spent months planning and counting down the days, and when we only had a few weeks left before we got to take our first camping trip of the year, I had to call and reschedule it. I went through all the stages of grief – denial, anger, sadness and acceptance. Now that I have accepted that our Spring Break is going to look different then I planned this year, I have started thinking of ways to bring the excitement of camping into my life, even when I can’t travel.

Read a Camping Themed Book

I have been ready a murder mystery series by Tanya Kappes that is set in a campground in Normal, Kentucky. It’s a nice easy read full of drama, that will take your mind away from your own troubles.  You can find them for free on Kindle Unlimited.

A new camping book was released last month, See You at the Campground, by podcasters Stephanie and Jeremy Puguslki of RV Atlas. This book is a compilation of RV tips, recipes, and stories from the road.

Plan a Trip

Nothing helps me get through a tough time more than having an upcoming trip to look forward to.  Most campgrounds are still taking reservations and are waiving cancellation fees, if their availability changes due to restrictions from the pandemic.  It is excepted that RV travel will increase Take time to research different destinations and campgrounds to determine where you want to go.  If you need some tips or inspiration, listen to some of our favorite RV podcasts:

When planning your trip, take into consideration what availability you have in your schedule and your budget.  Contact the campground to reserve your site,  Book a rental RV if needed and let the countdown begin.

Camp In Your Backyard

Even a slight change in scenery (the living room in the camper vs. your house) can help you from going stir crazy. Start a campfire and roast some marshmallows if you can find them. Set up some camping games in the driveway and make some memories with the family. Don’t have a camper? Rent one through The Camper Connection, they deliver, setup and pickup so you can enjoy.

You can take make your backyard adventure even more fun by making it a themed night.  The kids will love a movie night or game night!  Our favorite games to play in the camper are classics like Yahtzee, LRC, and Uno.

Try Out Some New Camping Recipes

It can turn into a disaster if you try a new recipe while camping and it doesn’t go right.  You may not have a back-up meal or a substitution ingredient, so I like to perfect new recipes at home before I take them on the road.  Check out The Campground Gourmet for some inspiration and to take your campground cooking to the next level.  Here are some of our favorite camping recipes you can find on our Pinterest Board:

Enjoy a Camping Themed Craft

Get all of your camping friends together virtually and plan a camping themed craft night.  Make decor for the camper or something to display in your home to enjoy while you wait for camping season to begin.  One of the things on my list is to make a cute Burlap wreath like that is camping themed. There are also some great ideas for DIY firestarters  here.  Another craft if you have a Cricut or other vinyl cutting machine is to make fun camping t-shirts for you and your family or friends to wear camping.

Rent Out Your Camper

Renting out your camper can be a great way to offset ownership costs or make some extra money for your next trip.  Right now campers are being rented for essential travel and temporay housing for healthcare workers.  The Camper Connection is a full service RV rental management company.  All you have to do is let them know when your camper is available to rent and they do all the work of booking reservations, cleaning the camper, and deliveries.  For more information, check out The Camper Connection.  We rent our camper and easily make $1000 during the busy months.

So far these activities are keeping me busy during quarantine and I’m more excited for camping then ever!  What do you like to do to occupy yourself when you can’t go camping?  Share your ideas in the comments.

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