Camping During COVID

Campgrounds are opening throughout the United States providing a safe place for travelers to get out of their house to relax and reset.  We went out for our first camping trip the beginning of May in Lake George, NY.  With 3 kids, we were tired of being couped up in the house and with two trips already missed due to cancellations from the virus we were more then ready to go camping!  Here are some tips and insight of what you can expect during your RV travel right now:

What To Expect At Campgrounds

While many campgrounds are beginning to open, many states still have restrictions and campgrounds may be running differently than what you are used to.  It is important to contact the campground ahead of time so you know what to expect.  Also, if you have kids, I suggest discussing what they can expect ahead of time so they know what they can and can’t do when you arrive.  With being said, since camping is normally a “social distancing” activity there are many remote places and activities to partake in when you are there.

Self Contained Units

Most campgrounds are requiring a self contained unit which is a motorhome or travel trailer that includes its own bathroom.  Unfortunately, some parks are not allowing tents or pop-up units at this time.  If this is how you usually camp, don’t worry you can always rent a self contained unit.  the Camper Connection has many rental options throughout the US, you can check availability here.

Contact less Check-in

Most campgrounds have started doing no contact check-in.  You call the office once you arrive and pay over the phone or pay ahead of time online.  Cash may not be accepted at some locations.

Limiting Amount of Campers

Due to state or county regulations, some campgrounds are open for only seasonal campers.  Others are limiting the numbers of campers in their campground so they can allow more room between sites.  Also when staying at a campground, may no longer allow site visitors, you must be an overnight guest registered at a site.  We suggest making reservations ahead of time to avoid missing out on a site.

Reduction of Activities

Due to restrictions some amenities may not be allowed to be open.  Many campgrounds are not offering concerts, they are limiting numbers of guests at the pool area, and providing activities to do at the site instead of group activities.  For example Myrtle Bach Travel Park is offering an activity bag for each child guest that gives them games and crafts to enjoy at their own site.  Depending on the area, playgrounds and pools may be closed, contact the park ahead of time to know what you expect to arrive.

What To Look Forward To

While some activities may not be available, there is still plenty to do, and considering most of us have been quarantined in our homes, getting outside and experiencing nature is the biggest joy of all.

Activities You Can Do

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Fishing
  • Geocaching
  • Kayaking/Canoeing
  • Swimming
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Board games
  • Outdoor movies
  • Tell stories around the campfire
  • Read

How To Prepare For Your Trip

When traveling during this time, using an RV is the safest mode of transportation.  Campers have a bathroom, full kitchen, and sleeping on board allowing you to avoid public restrooms, hotels, and restaurants.  There are some precautions you should take while traveling:

Travel tips

  • Have mask (t may be required at some locations)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Shop before you leave
  • Be careful at gas stations
  • Use camper for bathroom breaks and to stop and eat/sleep for longer journeys to avoid going into public places
  • Get full hookup sites to to avoid heavy traffic dump stations

Even with all of the changes, we were happy we took our trip.  The kids commented that it felt “like normal camping.”  It gave us a chance to unplug from our devices and enjoy time outside and reset our minds.  We are located in NY where there are still a lot of restrictions but there were not many other people at the campground, so we were able to ride bikes and explore the campground without having to worry about social distancing.  We enjoyed time by the campfire making smore’s and playing outdoor games.  Now is the time to focus on what you can do and camping is a great thing that families can experience together now more then ever.

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