Find Attractions for your Vacation Camping Trip

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve behind us, it’s time to start thinking about escaping to someplace sunny and warm. Friends and family have all gone back home, the food coma has worn off, and it’s time to pick a destination, attractions to see, and a camper to call home while you’re there. Once you pick your perfect getaway, the Camper Connection can provide you with your mobile accommodations to help you make the most of your time off.

Pick a Spot

With branches around the country, it’s easy to find something special to do during the winter months. You can choose from our Southern locations in Columbia, SC, Vero Beach, FL, or Flowery Branch, GA. Or, go west and check out the sights around Las Vegas. There is so much to see outside of the city for people who want to see more than The Strip.

Find the Fun

If you are planning a trip anywhere in the country there are some great ways to find attractions and parks to explore once you get there. With internet access available almost everywhere you go these days, or through the data plan on your phone, all you need is a few minutes online to discover the wonderful, weird, and wide open places in and around your destination. A couple of these will also help you find the perfect campground.

Trip Advisor – Attractions

Trip Advisor can help you find the best sights and eats no matter where you’re headed. A little different from the regular site, their Attractions section assumes you already have a flight or hotel and shows you cool places instead. Type in your destination and hit Enter and you’ll see the best well-known local attractions and, you’ll get reviews of each. Click here to visit Trip Advisor Attractions for info on your destination.

Roadside Attractions

For more unusual search results, visit Roadside Attractions and get unique suggestions for the area you’re in. Or will be in. The site focuses on the more offbeat attractions around America, including the Worlds Largest Fire Hydrant in Columbia, South Carolina, the National Navy SEAL museum in Ft. Pierce, Florida, or, the always exciting Center for Disease Control’s Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s a tough choice.

Expedia, Etc

Travel websites, such as, have Find Attractions sections you can access whether you have a membership or not. Although you might not get such thrilling search results as the CDC museum, you will find lots of great things to do and see. Click Here to visit for an example. Be sure to try it out, you might even discover some fun stuff right in your own backyard.

Visitor’s Bureau

Most cities and towns have a Visitors and Convention Bureau that can help you find attractions, and sometimes get you coupons and discounts to things you want to see. Click Here to visit the Las Vegas CVB website and see what one looks like. Even if you’ve been to Vegas I bet you’ll find something to do there that you never knew existed.

You can also download several apps from the Android or Apple App Store to help find things to do. The rest is up to you, search through the Camper Connection inventory for the location you wish to visit and find the perfect camper for your needs. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, or even alone the Camper Connection can make your camper and RV rental experience the best it can be.

Happy trails!

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