The People Behind The Camper Connection

This week, we would like to feature a new member of the incredible team behind The Camper Connection. Whether you are renting a camper from us for your family getaway or letting us put money back in your pocket through our owner rental program, we want you to have the peace of mind to come back and work with us again and again. Our team members are the biggest source of that comfort and confidence.

A Growing Team

We would like to introduce you to one of the newest members of the TCC team. Eric and his wife manage a growing non-profit near Las Vegas, Nevada and now the Las Vegas Nevada branch of The Camper Connection. After researching campers and RVs for some time, they decided the Airstream Basecamp was perfect for their travel plans. Because of its light weight and unique, versatile features, the Basecamp was their perfect choice.

Eric’s original plan was to buy something smaller and with fewer features, but once he discovered that his camper could put money back in his pocket when it was not in use, he decided to buy the model they really wanted instead. After purchasing the Airstream Basecamp he looked for a place to list it.

While browsing around, Eric connected with the Outdoorsy RV Owners group and with Camper Connection owner, Garr Russell.

After a phone conversation with Garr, Eric believed he had several reasons to join their team. He found a connection with Garr, and also shared some views of the world that made him feel like The Camper Connection would be a great fit. The Camper Connection team’s focus on customer service really sealed the deal for Eric. Garr’s integrity also drew Eric to the partnership.

With Plenty of Back-up

As a branch manager, Eric’s main job would be to enlist camper owners into their consignment program and to handle logistics. The TCC team would handle everything else, including all of the customer service calls during rentals. If a renter has trouble with their camper’s air conditioning in the middle of the night, The Camper Connection crew gets the call and the owner gets peace of mind.

As a new RV owner, and someone very new to the rental world, Eric said that The Camper Connection provided a great way to enter the industry. Aside from coaching, support, and advice, the company also will provide initial start-up marketing materials, which makes it easy to hit the ground running.

In a Great Location

Las Vegas and the surrounding area provide some beautiful places to spend a weekend away. With its larger wheel height and higher clearance, the Basecamp can be towed off-road much easier than many larger choices. The Basecamp’s lighter weight means it can also be towed with smaller SUV or properly equipped car.

There is a lot of diverse camping activity and exploration options close to the City of Las Vegas. Well-known attractions like Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, Zion National Park, and even Death Valley are an easy drive from any one of the many campgrounds in the Vegas area. Eric’s choice of the smaller, but still incredibly well-equipped Basecamp put so many destinations, including the California Coast, within easy reach.

If you are planning to camp in Las Vegas area, visit our Search RV’s page to find the right option for you and your family. But remember – good things come in small packages so give the Basecamp a look, especially if you have a smaller tow vehicle. Once you’re hooked up, Eric can help to get you pointed in the right direction for fun or exploration.

Check back for more tips and future spotlights on our many rental locations. And, on the people who make your camping experience as much fun as it can be. For more information on any of our programs, please contact us here at The Camper Connection today!


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