Planning Your RV With Ease With RV Trip Makers

Have you ever dreamt of taking an RV trip but felt overwhelmed by the planning process? You’re not alone!  Planning an RV trip can be stressful, especially if you have never taken one before.  But did you know there are experienced experts that can plan your trip for you?  RV Trip Makers does just that!  Keep reading to learn more about how the company started and how they can help you plan your next adventure.

How RV Trip Makers was Started

RV Trip Makers had its inception when Doug, the founder, extended a helping hand to a fellow RV enthusiast within a Facebook group. The individual expressed her desire to embark on a December trip to Florida but lacked the knowledge to kickstart the planning process and ascertain availability at various destinations. Drawing from his extensive experience of spending winters in Florida, Doug reached out to her with valuable assistance. Through a series of discussions, he formulated a comprehensive travel plan encompassing the Sunshine State. Further interactions resulted in Doug managing all her reservations, spanning the period from just prior to Thanksgiving to shortly after New Year’s. Unbeknownst to him, she had experienced a difficult year, having lost her mother, and was seeking solace during the holiday season. The trip served as a much-needed distraction, and she and her husband cherished the experience.

This initial journey became the catalyst for RV Trip Makers’ inception. The traveler, deeply appreciative of Doug’s assistance, took to numerous Facebook groups to express her gratitude, sparking a surge of inquiries and requests. Thus, RV Trip Makers came into existence.

Services Offered

RV Trip Makers specializes in meticulously planning the RV travel component of your adventure. Their services encompass defining key waypoints in your itinerary and strategically incorporating overnight stops to alleviate the burden of lengthy travel legs. For those desiring a comprehensive, hassle-free experience, they offer an optional reservation service for campsites, with approximately 75% of clients opting for this convenience. This allows travelers to focus on the enjoyment rather than the logistics. Moreover, for destinations that their team has personally explored (comprising three experts), they gladly share insights into exciting activities, scenic hikes, and dining options. However, it’s important to note that they do not facilitate bookings for attractions or entertainment.

How They Can Help

RV Trip Makers’ services prove especially beneficial to RV renters, many of whom are new to the world of RVing. They offer guidance in selecting destinations, suggesting captivating stopovers along the route, and, most crucially, crafting a secure travel plan. Unlike standard Google Maps travel times, which may not align with RV travel realities, RV Trip Makers adeptly disassemble the journey into manageable segments, ensuring travelers derive maximum enjoyment from their vacation.

Recommended Trips or Destinations for RV Road Trips

With an abundance of favorite destinations, Doug finds it challenging to choose. He enthusiastically recommends exploring the cooler months in Florida, savoring the breathtaking beauty of the Southwest, marveling at the Pacific Northwest’s natural wonders, and basking in the splendor of the Eastern coast’s beaches. However, if he were to suggest a singular “bucket list trip,” it would involve flying into Las Vegas, renting an RV, and embarking on a tour through the Southwest, incorporating stops in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, tailored to the traveler’s available time.

Top Tip for Planning an RV Trip

Doug imparts a crucial piece of advice: be realistic. When planning your journey, anticipate an average travel speed of approximately 50 mph for distances up to 300 miles in a day. Beyond this point, expect a gradual decrease in speed, with occasional dips as low as 45 mph. Consequently, a 300-mile journey equates to roughly 6 hours on the road, while a 400-mile trek translates to approximately 9 hours, and so forth. Doug underscores the importance of incorporating an extra travel day whenever feasible to enhance the overall travel experience.

In summary, RV Trip Makers was born out of a genuine desire to help fellow travelers explore the beauty of the world in the comfort of an RV. Whether you’re a seasoned RV enthusiast or a first-time renter, their mission is to ensure your journey is filled with memorable experiences and stress-free travel.  If you are ready to make your RV road trip a reality, contact RV Trip Makers to start planning your epic adventure!

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