Roadschooling – Learning on the Road

With school looking a little different this year, you may want to take advantage of the remote learning and travel to give your kids real life experiences to learn from  Roadschooling is homeschooling your children while you are “on the road” or traveling..  Whether your kids are virtual schooling or homeschooling consider renting a RV and take them on a trip of a lifetime!

There are so many different ways you can incorporate the required subjects into your daily travels without having to follow a complete curriculum.  Here are some of our favorite ways for teaching kids while on the road:


There are so many ways to incorporate geography into your children’s curriculum during your trip.  For younger kids, have them learn about the 50 states, state capitals, abbreviations, etc.  Older kids can help research and plan for your trip, plan the route, and learn map skills.


American history is such a huge part of our culture and is a required part of the curriculum.  Take the kids to historical sites such as the Liberty Bell, Presidents estates, and battlefields to make the historical figures and events come to life.  Use real literature through Audible or listen to historical podcasts while on the road.


There are so many things to discover and talk about while on your travels such as geology, weather, and landforms.  A great place to do this is by visiting the National Parks.  Visit the Grand Canyon, view the flatlands, mountainous regions and participate in the Junior Ranger program.  Visit science and children’s museums to experience hands on activities and experiments.  Visit zoos and aquariums to study animals, oceanology, and more.


You can teach your children about art by going to art museums and learning about different artists and techniques.  Physical education can be completed by hiking in state and National Park or biking riding or swimming at the campground.  Music can be completed throughout your travels by listening to different music genres when you are on the road.


Have the children help you determine gas mileage, and plan a budget for your trip.  They can also help meal plan and grocery shop teaching them about nutrition and money.  Helping cook meals can teach them about measurements and fractions.

There are so many ways to get the kids involved in your trip that will have a lasting effect on them whether you can spare a week or a month for your travels.  Children learn so much from hands-on, real life experiences why not take an adventure?

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