Start a Camper Connection Branch and Build Your Own Business!

Many people today are looking for a second income stream. Or, they want to go after the ultimate American dream – to be their own boss. Are you one of those people? If you are looking for a great business opportunity, please read on.

The Camper Connection is expanding, and that growth has created opportunities for people who want to run their own business. Starting a business can be scary, but we’re here to work with you to help make sure that you succeed. Our success depends on people like you; people who want to control their own future and build something that can provide a lasting return. If you win, we win.

When you become part of The Camper Connection, we provide the support you need to build and maintain the business. Your job is simple – find people who want to make money by renting out their campers, and then support the day to day operations that make that possible. But, we also give you the tools you need to make the business work. You won’t be left holding a bunch of brochures with no idea what to do next.

The Camper Connection will provide the marketing materials you need to get started. We will help you create visibility and attract camper owners, and also help you set up online resources like Craig’s List and Outdoorsy. We’ll also provide you with training, coaching, and access to the backend tools you need to run the branch.

We handle almost all of the administrative customer service tasks, such as booking the rentals, handling the deposits and payment processing, and support for the customers while they’re out enjoying the camper or RV they rented from your branch.  We’ll also handle all of the legal stuff.

Your job will be to show RV and camper owners how they can make money from their camper when it’s not in use. Instead of paying for storage or letting their camper sit next to their house unused, they can put that resource to work and reduce – or potentially eliminate, their total cost of ownership. Your job is to help them to understand the rental program and how The Camper Connection can benefit them.

Your other responsibilities will include scheduling and carrying out pickups and deliveries, and making sure the campers are cleaned and restocked for the next renter. We’ll take care of the administrative tasks so you can focus on the logistics.

The best part of starting your own branch of The Camper Connection branch is – you get paid. You’ll receive a percentage of the rentals you generate, and 100% of the cleaning and delivery fees.

As a part of our team, you’ll get all of the tools and support you need to be successful. You don’t need to start from scratch, we already have a great business model that just works. All you need to do is become part of our incredible team of people.

Please contact us for more information, or click here to visit our Start a Branch page. Start your own branch of The Camper Connection and we’ll put you in the driver’s seat where you can take control of your future.



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