The Ultimate Travel Companion: Discovering Delight in the Escape and Explore Box

Have you ever experienced that delightful sense of anticipation when you know some happiness is about to land in your mailbox? That’s exactly how I felt while eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Escape and Explore box.

The Escape and Explore box is a monthly subscription box tailor-made for families who thrive on RVing and embarking on epic road trips. This carefully curated box is brimming with products designed to ignite your wanderlust and create lasting memories.

It’s a must-have for both seasoned RV enthusiasts and families who revel in hitting the open road to discover new horizons. With each monthly box, you’re treated to a thoughtfully selected assortment of items and ingenious ideas, all crafted to ensure your upcoming journey is nothing short of unforgettable.

These monthly parcels are chock-full of goodies geared toward enhancing your travel experience. Plus, there’s a newsletter to keep you in the loop and a themed road trip activity book to infuse even more enjoyment into your adventures.

This month’s theme was “Autumn Adventure,” and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Fall happens to be my favorite season for camping, and as luck would have it, I didn’t have any trips planned at the moment. So, this box arrived just in time to provide me with a much-needed dose of inspiration and some fun camping essentials to keep the excitement alive while I patiently await my next adventure!

This month’s Escape and Explore box featured some delightful products that made me even more excited about my upcoming adventures. Here’s a sneak peek at what was inside:

  1. Spiced Pumpkin Candle by Dixie Grace: The moment I opened the box, the enticing aroma of this handcrafted Spiced Pumpkin Candle enveloped me. What’s more, it comes with a lid for easy storage in the camper, ensuring that your living space always feels warm and inviting.
  2. S’mores Lippy Clip: Ever experienced the frustration of misplacing your chapstick during a road trip? The S’mores Lippy Clip is here to rescue you from that dilemma, ensuring that your lip balm is always within reach.
  3. Peppermint Lip Balm: Keeping your lips moisturized and refreshed during your travels is a breeze with this Peppermint Lip Balm. Say goodbye to dry and chapped lips while on the road.
  4. Road Trip Activity Booklet for Kids: Tired of hearing “Mom, I’m bored” during those long drives to the campground? The Road Trip Activity Booklet for Kids is the perfect solution. Packed with games, road trip trivia, and more, it’s guaranteed to keep the little ones entertained.
  5. Fall Road Trips Scenic Drives Booklet: Discover the beauty of autumn on the open road with the Fall Road Trips Scenic Drives Booklet. It’s your guide to picturesque routes and breathtaking views that will make your journey even more memorable.
  6. Toss-It Car Garbage Bags: As a mom of three, I can’t express how excited I was about this item. Toss-It Car Garbage Bags are a game-changer for anyone wondering where all that travel-related trash comes from. These convenient bags make it easy to keep your vehicle clean and tidy while on the go.

With these fantastic items in the Escape and Explore box, my family and I are all set for our next adventure, equipped with delightful scents, endless entertainment, and a clutter-free vehicle. What more could we ask for?  Interested in signing up for your own monthly box of surprises?  Subscribe here.

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