The Best Apps for Your Next RV Trip

There are so many travel apps to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth downloading. We have tested many and here are some of our favorites. We have chosen these because we use them almost every time we travel. They offer convenience, safety, and peace of mind when we are on the road.

Gas Buddy

With the rising price of gas, the Gas Buddy app is essential when you are on your RV Trip.  In addition to showing you nearby gas stations and which ones have the lowest prices, Gas Buddy now has their own discount gas card.  You can get up to $0.25 off per gallon by enrolling here.  If you want to budget for your upcoming trip you can even use the Gas Buddy Gas Trip Calculator to estimate your fuel costs.

RV Parky

RV Parky is my favorite free Trip Planning app and the app that I use to plan all of my RV trips.  With this app, you can route multiple trips.  Once the trip route is made, you can choose surrounding campgrounds or rest areas based on chosen stops.  It even gives you campgrounds reviews and links to the campground website if you decide to book.  

Trip Advisor

This is my go-to app for finding great restaurants and attractions in the area we are traveling to. There are photos and up-to-date reviews to help you decide what places are worth visiting. You can search ahead of time and save the places in your favorites to refer back to later. If you are at the location you can search nearby to find things to do in the area which is really handy when you aren’t that familiar with the place you are staying in.

Highway Weather

Safety is our number one priority when traveling. The highway weather app can give you severe weather alert notifications and storm weather radar so you know when to get off the road quickly and seek shelter. It also gives you extended forecasts and wind, temperature, and precipitation conditions so you can determine the best time to travel and the best places to travel to.


Hiking is a must for us when we are camping. The AllTrails app shows hiking, biking, and running paths throughout the United States. You can search by location or find what trails are nearby. The best part is that they can be filtered by difficulty, difficulty, length, and suitability for dogs or kids.

RV Dump Stations

The app is a necessity when traveling in an RV, especially if you plan on boondocking.  With this app, you can look up nearby dump stations.  It will even let you know if the site requires payment or not.  Also if you are new to RVing, the app has helpful hints on how to deal with the waste tanks.


Campspot is quickly becoming the #1 app to book campsites on.  This app allows you to discover and book participating campgrounds throughout the United States.  Once logged in, you can manage all your reservations of participating campgrounds from this one app.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts offers a unique opportunity to stay overnight at wineries, breweries, farms, amusement parks, and more.  This is a great option when you just want ta place to stay on your way to your main destination.  You must be a member but you can get 15% off the price through this referral link.


The IExit app can help you find the best sites for food and gas along your route.  It is often difficult to know what exit to get off of when you are traveling.  However, this app takes the guesswork out of it.  It gives you a snapshot of what restaurants and gas stations are located off of each exit of the main highways throughout the United States. is the app you need to make all of your state campground reservations. If not camping it is still an excellent site to visit to find state campground attractions that are great for day trips.

So these are the apps that will make your RV travel a bit easier. What did we ever do without all of this technology?! I can’t imagine our family traveling as much or as far as we do with just an atlas!  If you are ready to get on the road, you can book your RV Rental here.  Happy Travels!

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