What You Need to Know Before Starting Your own RV Rental Business

You’ve probably seen the recent explosion of peer to peer RV rental sites like Outdoorsy, RV Share and others….Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of the camping rental world from a slightly different angle by starting an RV and Travel Trailer management company. Did you know you don’t need to own an RV to start your own rental business, or even be an RV expert?!  Fireside RV Rental is the 1st RV Rental Management franchise in the nation and we are sharing the 4 very important things you need to know before you get your business started.


You may not need to have your own RV but you do need to get them from somewhere. Did you know you can make money renting out other people’s RVs? Fireside RV Rental focuses on renting consignment RV from private owners. This cuts down on the overhead of purchasing Rv’s and depreciation.  Although consignment units are a great way to start your RV Rental business, you must make sure you have a fair consignment agreement in place.


YOu will want to make sure you and the owners of the RV are fully protected.  With Fireside RV Rental, you have the option of offering insurance coverage through the RVshare and Outdoorsy platforms or getting a commercial insurance policy through MBA to protect the units in your branch while on a rental.  Owners can have peace of mind knowing that their RV is covered with a $ 1 million liability policy.  Having a commercial insurance policy allows for flexibility of insurance fees charged to the renters and full coverage even during nonrental periods.


In addition to posting on Rvshare and Outdoorsy which can get your listings some major views, Fireside RV Rental also maximizes your reach by posting to social media, managing the Fireside RV Rental website, and running ads to gain views. Fireside RV Rental social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and they even set up a Google business page for you to market locally.


Have you considered the legalities of owning an RV rental business? The contracts that need to be established, managing employees, and creating procedures. By partnering with Fireside RV Rental you can focus solely on obtaining and managing the rentals.  The cost and time it takes to create business agreements, contracts, SOP’s and more will slow down the start and growth of your business. Partnering with Fireside RV Rental can help scale your business quickly.

Are you ready to learn more about partnering with Fireside RV Rental?  If so you can learn more about our franchise opportunity here.  You can also schedule a call to speak to our general manager to see if the Fireside RV Rental Franchise would be a good fit for you.  Schedule a call here.


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