Who Says you Can’t go Camping in December?

Winter is coming to the Great Lakes. You can feel a little extra chill in the air every morning here in Michigan now. The local marinas are busy putting boats away until next season, and campers are being winterized and stored in places like Rivertown RV Sales and Service in  Grandville, MI. Seasonal businesses are closed up until next spring, and there will be frost on everything any day now. Before you know it, the first snowfall will happen overnight.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go camping!

The regular camping season might be over in West Michigan but there are still plenty of places to go across the country to put your feet up and relax by the fire. And, when you get to your vacation destination, you can stay in a beautiful RV or camper from a local branch of The Camper Connection.

Your vacation should be memorable no matter where you choose to go, and The Camper Connection can help you accomplish that. The TCC crew helps to ensure your camping vacation is smooth and trouble-free by setting you up in a clean, well-equipped camper with insurance and roadside assistance. We’ll even deliver your rented RV or camper to your chosen campground, set it up, and make sure it’s clean and ready for you and your family.

Garr and the TCC crew have been busy this year, with branches popping up all over the country. You can now rent TCC campers in Wildwood, Missouri, Burleson, TX, Massillion, Ohio, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Chandler AZ, Huntsville, AL, and many more places around the United States. In every location, there are amazing campgrounds, theme parks, big cities, and fun little towns to explore for fantastic food and hidden treasures.

If you own an RV in Michigan, there are still nice days left and opportunities to camp in some beautiful places before the freezing temperatures force you to schedule an appointment to have it winterized, Even then, The Camper connection has you covered. Come on over to visit our sister company, Rivertown RV Sales and Service where you’ll find the best mechanics in the business ready to help you with all of your service needs.

All of the RVs and campers around the Great Lakes will be sitting out the next few months, quietly waiting for Spring to turn the focus back to local campgrounds, camping, and fun events once the snow begins to melt. There will be plenty of festivals popping up again, like Holland, MI’s Tulip Time festival. During Tulip Time, an incredible variety of flowers in all colors and even sizes burst up through the freshly thawed ground to turn the town into natures very own canvas.

There are uncounted events, concerts, festivals and fairs around the country along with the theme and water parks that are just waiting for visitors to bring them to life. With the variety of camper rental locations and destinations at your fingertips, The Camper Connection can ensure you have the opportunity to experience the Arizona sun and desert adventures instead of waiting for the following season back home.

Don’t wait! Contact the Camper Connection and reserve your wheeled palace for the upcoming vacation season before someone else gets your number one pick. Please check out our branches to see if there’s one near your dream destination and let The Camper Connection make your winter vacation the best it could be!



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