10 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy at the Campground

Even on vacation, you can hear those dreaded words of “I’m bored” from your kids which can be extremely frustrating.  When planning our RV trips, I like to find a campground that has many on-site amenities to keep the kids busy.  There are often many local events or attractions that you can attend in the local area for additional entertainment.  Here are some of our favorite activities to keep the keeps occupied at the campground.

1. Bike Ride

Our kids favorite activity when camping is riding their bikes around the campground. It gives them a sense of freedom and allows them to make new friends.  If you don’t have room to pack your bikes, look into renting a bike at your location.

2. Board Games

Camping gives you a chance to slow down and connect as a family. We often find that we have more time to play and have family game nights.   Here are some of our favorites:

  • Left Right Center
  • Uno Splash
  • Headbandz
  • Mancala
  • Beat That

The kids also love outdoor games like cornhole, giant checkers, and tetherball, many of which can be found on-site at the campground.

3. Visit the Playground

Almost every campground has a play area for kids. Whether it be swings, slides, climbing structures, or a sandbox, it will keep the kids busy for hours. Some of the campgrounds we have visited with the best playgrounds are the Branches of Niagara and Mrytle Beach Travel Park.

Pro Tip:  Get a site near the playground so you can watch the kids play while you relax at your site

4. Take a Hike

There are local hiking trails in every area from beginner to expert trails, you can find the one closest to you on the AllTrails app. The app allows you to sort hikes based on difficulty level, so you can choose the easy trails for beginners.

5. Swimming

Many resort campgrounds have a pool, splash pad, or beach right on the property. Make sure to pack towels, swimsuits & sunscreen!

6. Make Smores

Making smore’s by the campfire is a classic camping activity. Use gourmet marshmallows or chocolates for a delicious treat.

7. Go Site Seeing

Just because you are camping doesn’t mean you can’t visit the local sites as you would on another vacation. Visit a local museum, aquarium, or zoo.  We like using Trip Advisor to find local attractions in the location you’re staying or head to the campground office for recommendations.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Print or write out a scavenger hunt for kids to find items in the campground or on the trails. Choose items like a ladybug, flower, or something blue. They can take a picture of each item so they don’t disturb nature.

9. Geocaching

We tried this recently and the kids love it.  It’s almost like a treasure hunt.  You download the Geocaching app, choose a geocache and then follow the GPS coordinates.  Bring a small trinket along with you to trade for something someone else left behind when you find the geocache.

10. Watersports

In most campgrounds you will find an on-site pond or lake to fish on, some even have paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes for rent.  If you are near the ocean you can try jet skiing or snorkeling as a way to make amazing memories on your trip.

Those are the top 10 activities to keep your kids busy at the campground.  If you keep them active during the day, the better chance you will have at getting them to sleep at a reasonable hour so you can enjoy some alone time with a good book or beverage by the campfire.  Ready to start the fun?  Book an RV Rental through The Camper Connection.

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