4 Reasons Why We Love RV Vacations

School is out and summer is just beginning.  Now is the time to plan your family vacation.  This is the year for RV travel!  You may think of camping as a rustic getaway with primitive sleeping arrangements and grilling your dinner over a campfire. While that may be nice for some, when taking a vacation we like to have a little luxury. RV campgrounds often offer resort style amenities such as beach access, pools, water parks and planned activities, at a less expensive price than you would find at a hotel.  Here are some of the many things that RV travel has to offer:


Staying in a RV offers convenience. You have a fully stocked kitchen so you can cook onsite and don’t have have to argue with the kids to sit still at a restaurant. Also being able to access your RV throughout the day for naps, bathroom breaks, and meals, makes it easy to care for little ones.  You also have an on board kitchen and bathroom so when traveling to your destination you don’t have to worry about finding a place to use the restroom or grabbing lunch on the go.

It may come as a surprise but staying in an RV can also offer more privacy than a hotel room. Many travel trailers are catered to families with a separate bedroom called a bunkhouse. These rooms have doors so that if little ones are sleeping you can still use the living area without disturbing them.  Some even offer two exterior doors one to the main living area and the other one to the master bedroom or bathroom.


RV rentals don’t get the same amount of traffic of those large hotel chains. All rentals at The Camper Connection are all cleaned and disinfected according to CDC recommendations. Our units are stocked with hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies to keep things clean during your stay. You provide your own linens and towels which provides a level of comfort.


RV camping offers a flexibility that you don’t have when you are staying in a hotel. There is no set schedule. You have complete control over your travel plans. You can choose to have a low key relaxing trip where you stay at the campground and enjoy the outdoors or use the RV as a base to explore everything the surrounding area has to offer.


Staying an an RV encourages you to be outdoors and enjoy nature. Both kids and adults are able to unplug and get outside. You get more quality time as a family doing meaningful activities and making memories. Kids don’t remember their best day of television but they will remember a trip filled with hiking, biking, trips to the beach and fishing with their family.

The memories we have made as a family during our RV vacations are unique, they don’t include cookie cutter hotels  We have had the chance to experience life on the road and in the great outdoors.  As a branch manager, I love helping other families plan those same experiences.  There is something about planning and taking an adventure together, that makes a trip more memorable.

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