5 Things You Need to Start Your Own RV Rental Business

I never could have imagined that starting my own RV Rental business could give my family the flexibility and freedom to travel and do more of what we love.  However, when I first started researching the idea of starting our own RV rental business three years ago, I had no idea where to begin.  What would I need?  What platforms do I use?  What should the nightly rate be?  There were so many questions that I didn’t know the answers to.  After doing hours of research I found Fireside RV Rental franchise and I am so glad I did!  The support I received when starting are branch and continued to advise now has helped my husband and I grow our branch to 20 units earning us a full-time income. Here are the basics of what you will need to start your RV rental business.


This one may be a given, but did you know you can make money renting out other people’s RVs? Fireside RV Rental focuses on renting consignment RV from private owners. This cuts down on the overhead of purchasing Rv’s and depreciation.


Have you considered the legalities of owning an RV rental business? The contracts that need to be established, managing employees, and creating procedures. By partnering with Fireside RV Rental you can focus solely on obtaining and managing the rentals which our office staff and management team take care of the rest.


With Fireside RV Rental, you have the option of offering insurance coverage through the RVshare and Outdoorsy platforms or getting a commercial insurance policy through MBA to protect the units in your branch while on a rental.


In addition to posting on Rvshare and Outdoorsy which can get your listings some major views, Fireside RV Rental also manages your social media accounts to maximize your visibility.  Fireside RV Rental supplies marketing materials such as business cards and flyers. We also post and manage all listings on RVShare and Outdoorsy. We also create a Google maps listing and social media accounts that we contribute to several times per week.


A lot like a family, it can take a village to run a business too.  Fireside RV Rental’s office staff handles all rental inquiries, quote requests, billing and security deposits, and payments to owners. The office manager also handles insurance claims.  Connect with other branch managers and staff in Slack and our private Facebook group to answer any questions you have when starting or growing your business. Participate in quarterly video chats with the team to discuss ideas and problem solve issues your branch may be having.  Fireside RV Rental will provide training and tools for marketing, human resource forms, logistics, tools and training, access to backend software along with ongoing support and coaching. 

We are so happy that we found Fireside RV Rental Franchise to help us start and scale our business and we know you will be too!  Learn more about the franchise opportunity here.  If you are ready to start up a conversation of how Fireside RV Rental could be a good fit for you, call or text our founder, Garr Russell at 616-813-0822.


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