Our Favorite Ways to Enhance Your RV Trip

Renting an RV makes an amazing family vacation, you can stay at a local campground, take a beach vacation or have an epic road trip exploring the National Parks throughout the United States.  Planning an epic trip can be a bit overwhelming especially if you are new to RVing.  However, there are several ways to make your trip easier and even more memorable.  We suggest enhancing your trip with the following options which will take you from camping to glamping!

Cruisin & Campfires Subscription Box

The Glampfire Crate from Cruisin & Campfires makes an amazing addition to any RV trip.  You can purchase a monthly subscription, quarterly subscription, or even buy as a one-time box.  It box includes RVing essentials which is the perfect addition for a beginner RVer because you don’t know what you don’t know.  This box is curated by an experienced RV traveler and she makes sure to only include items that she uses and loves on her own family RV trips.  Each box includes 5-7 full-size items that will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.  Items can include consumables, functional items that can be reused even after your trip is over, and gear that will work well in the season you are traveling in.

Here is what we got in our June box:

Venture Wipes

Body wipes that great for when you are short on water.  They would work well when boondocking or when on a hike.

Welly Quick Fix First Aid Kit

Perfect size to put in your beach bag or hiking backpack.

Enamel Salad Plate Set

Great for on the road and to reuse at home.

Utility Spork

Perfect picnic and backpacking addition.

Camping Recipe Book

Get the full camping experience with this beginners guide to campfire cooking

Subscribing to the box ahead of your trip can also make a fun countdown and add to the excitement of an upcoming trip.  You can also buy products in their online store to create a customized box for yourself or someone you love. We love supporting other RV businesses, we highly suggest checking them out.

Fireside RV Rental Add-ons

Often when taking a road trip it is difficult to figure out what you need to pack and how you will get it all to the campsite in your vehicle. Did you know that many of our branches offer add-ons? These add-ons allow you to pack less and experience more  Packages that are offered can include the following:

Kitchen Kit

In-home quality cooking tools and dishes. Don’t compromise on your meals while on the road, take the good cooking dishes with you (just doesn’t need to be your own)! Sanitized and sealed in a tote just for you.

Campers Package

Is your trip taking you camping? Let us pack the essentials for you! This package includes; Camp chairs, an Outdoor table, an Outdoor rug, and an Outdoor table top grill.

Movie Night

We offer a projector and a big 102″ screen with frame to be able to enjoy outdoor movies or video games for your trip. You can hook the projector up to a DVD player, gaming console, or even your phone!

Bike Rack

Bring your bikes along on the adventure, bike rack can fit up to 4 bikes.


Go from camping to glamping with a quiet RV inverter generator that is big enough to power the entire RV. Great for when boondocking at a site with no electric hookups.

Linens Package

Let us do the laundry! This package includes all the sheets and blankets for each bed in the unit you are renting. Also includes kitchen and bath towels.

Travelers Package

For travelers flying into town we have designed this package to make your trip as seamless as possible! We bring the RV to the airport completely stocked and ready to go for you. We go over the “how to’s” of the RV and then be on your way! You are also able to order groceries before you arrive and have them delivered to us and we will have everything put away and ready for you. At the conclusion of your trip simply park the RV at the airport and we will pick it up. Literally fly in and be on your way to enjoying your adventure!

Please note, that these may not be available at all locations. Check with your local branch manager to see what they offer or contact our customer service department at 269-205-3349.

So are you excited about your next RV Trip?  If you don’t have one booked, you can reserve an RV rental here or by calling or customer service line at 269-205-3349.  Once you have your RV reserved, make sure to choose some add-ons and order your Glampfire Box so you can elevate your RV experience.

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