5 Ways to Use Your RV This Holiday Season

The camping season is over in many parts of the country but your camper doesn’t have to sit there lonely all winter long.  You are making the payments on the camper, you might as well use it as much as you can.  Here are some ideas on how to use your camper during the off season:

Gift Storage & Wrapping

Is your camper just sitting in your driveway or in storage?  It can be a great place to stow away presents from little ones or those snooping teenagers.  Or you may just live in a small place and don’t have room for all of the extra gifts you bought.  A couple of years ago we purchased bikes for our kids and couldn’t find anywhere to hide them inside the house, the camper made the perfect hideout.  If you are storing Christmas gifts in the camper, it could also be a fun idea to bring all of your wrapping paper  out there and make a day or two of wrapping the presents in the camper.  Turn the heat on, hook up the generator so you can play some Christmas music or your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie and enjoy spending time in your camper.

Guest House

If you have family or friends coming in from out of town, your camper can make the perfect guest house.  It gives you extra sleeping areas and if you are in an area where you don’t have to winterize – you will have an extra bathroom for guest to use.  It gives your guests and you a little extra privacy can be a great way to see family during the holidays and still social distance.

Second Kitchen

Whether you are cooking a Christmas dinner, baking cookies, or pies – have you ever thought of that extra oven you have in the camper?  I know I often find myself needing extra kitchen space and the camper is only steps away.  The camper refrigerator can also be a great place to store extra drinks and food for all those Christmas festivities.  If you decide to use the oven, don’t forget to set the timer on your phone if you are running back and forth between the house and camper, you don’t want to overcook your goodies.

Travel to Out of Town Family

You may be used to camping locally but your camper can also be used to travel longer distances and allows you to avoid public places.  Traveling in your RV allows you to bypass busy airports, public restrooms and restaurants.  Most campgrounds now have contactless check in procedures or you can ask your family if you can set up your camper at their house.

Make Extra Money Renting Your RV

If you don’t plan on using your camper, why not rent it out to make some extra cash for the holidays and beyond?  Our owners make up to $1000 a week for drivable RV’s and $700 a week for travel trailers  Best of all is we do all of the work!  You just let us know when your camper is available and we handle all of the contracts, cleaning, insurance and deliveries.  Learn more about our Full Service RV Management Program here.

We hope this gave you some out of the box ideas on how you can use your camper right now.  Have additional questions about renting out your camper?  Contact our customer service department at 269-205-3349 and they can get you in touch with a local branch manager.  Happy Holidays!

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