From Short Term Housing to RV Rentals – How the Phoenix Arizona Branch Began

Robert Freese, an Arizona native who retired from the Military in 2019 recently opened a branch of The Camper Connection in Phoenix, AZ.  His experience with providing affordable short-term housing to people traveling into the Phoenix area and love for camping led him to want to pursue a career in managing RV rentals.

Choosing The Camper Connection

Robert decided to open a branch with The Camper Connection after discovering the business online after he decided he wanted to have a scalable RV rental business.  Instead of building the business from scratch, he felt that it made more sense to focus his time on giving his renters a great experience rather than having to focus on creating the back end system of a company.  The Camper Connection is known as a trusted source in the RV Rental Consignment Community.

Rent From An Experienced Camper

Robert’s experience with camping comes from a love of minimalist camping, loving to camp with a hammock and tarp discovering the beauty in new locations.  He decided that purchasing a camper would make for a good investment, because when the camper is not in use it can be rented out covering the cost of the payments and more.  Robert’s first RV purchase was a Tear Drop camper which are a great starter RV.  They are lightweight and can be towed by most SUV’s which make them a great addition as a rental unit.

He plans to grow his branch to 20 units, being able to provide an incredible RVing experience to those that want are interested in the RV lifestyle but don’t have any plans of purchasing their own unit.  Renting can be an affordable option for those that only camp once or twice a year.

Camping in Arizona

Because Robert is an Arizona native, he knows all the best place to camp in the area and can guide his rental customers on the best destinations to visit throughout the year.

Insider Tip: Make sure that you get the required passes for national, state, or tribal lands before you show up

During the summer most people leave the heat of the desert for the coolness of the mountains.  The most popular place to visit is The Grand Canyon.  If visiting the Grand Canyon you will want to plan well in advance so you can get reservations.  Other popular summer destinations include:

  • The White Mountains
  • Flagstaff/Williams area
  • Prescott area
  • Payson area
  • Lake Powell

Inside Tip:  Always leave your campsite like you found it (pack it in, pack it out)

In the Winter months, when its cold in the mountains, the deserts are mild and typically perfect weather for camping.  Places to explore in the winter months include:

  • Salt River reservoir system: Canyon Lake, Saguaro Lake, Roosevelt Lake, Apache Lake
  • Bartlett Lake
  • Lake Pleasant 
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
  • Usery Mountain Regional Park
  • The Sky Islands near Patagonia

Arizona offers such beautiful parks it makes such a great camping destination.  Are you ready to rent an RV in Phoenix AZ?  Check out the available inventory here.  Do you own an RV and want to make extra money having Robert rent out your RV for you?  Contact us to learn about our RV Management Program.


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