How to Setup Your Campsite

One of the most intimidating parts of renting an RV can be having to set it up once you get to the campsite.  The branch managers at The Camper Connection will show you how to operate all the systems at on the RV during your walkthrough at pickup.  If you haven’t completed your walkthrough yet or are afraid you might have missed a step, check out these tips on how to efficiently set up your campsite.

Book the Right Type of Site

Prior to booking a site, inquire about the rental RV to find out the length, if there are any slides and if it uses 30 or 50 AMP electrical service.  By knowing this information, you can book the right type of site which will save you trouble once you arrive.  If you are concerned about backing up the rental, you can also consider getting a pull through site.

Conduct a Site Survey

Before backing into the site, make sure you find a level spot to park the RV.  Beware of any obstacles like low hanging branches.  Identify where the sewer, water, and electrical hookups are and make sure you will be able to reach them from where you will park the RV.  Most rental units include 25ft of hose and electrical cord.  Also if you have slide outs or will be using the awning, confirm there will be enough room to fully extend them.


Have the navigator outside the RV directing the driver into the site.  Use walkie talkies, hand signals or cell phones to clearly communicate your directions.  Stay calm and know that this can take a lot of practice to perfect.  If you have trouble backing in, pull out and try again.  Also don’t be afraid to ask for help, the campground office staff or an experienced RV’er in a surrounding site may be able to offer some guidance.

Set Up Your Site

Once the camper is parked you will want to unhook it from the vehicle (if a travel trailer or fifth wheel) and then level it from side to side and front to back.  Use leveling blocks and depending on the camper – the leveling or stabilizing jacks.   Chock the wheels and if you have a driveable RV you will want to set the parking brake.

Once level you can extend the steps, enter the camper and pull out the slides and awning.  Turn on the refrigerator and electric hot water heater.  On the exterior, you will hookup the electric, water, and sewer if applicable.  If you do have sewer hookups, never leave the black or gray water valves open.

After all systems have been connected and you have confirmed they are working correctly you are ready to enjoy your camping experience.  Build your campfire, sit back and relax.  If you have any questions while setting up, feel free to reach out to our customer service line at 269-205-3349 or contact our 24/7 tech support center.

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