6 Benefits of Owning Your Own RV Business

The fact you are researching RV Rental Businesses, you know how popular RV rentals are in 2021. According to the RVShare’s 2021 Travel Trend Report, 73% of millennials said they are likely to rent an RV in the future.  You’ve probably seen the recent explosion of peer-to-peer RV rental sites like Outdoorsy, RV Share, and others and are wondering if you can really make a business out of renting RVs.  Here is what the RV Rental Industry has to offer.


When owning your own business, you can work on your own schedule.  Having my own business allows me to work around my family’s busy schedules.  I schedule pickup and delivery’s when I am available and complete reservation inquiries and answer questions while the kids are in school.  You can make the business work for you!


When partnering with The Camper Connection you get a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas with.  Connect with other branch managers and staff in Slack and our private Facebook group to answer any questions you have when starting or growing your business. You can also participate in quarterly video chats with the team to discuss ideas and problem solve issues your branch may be having. Earlier this month was also the annual company conference where we gathered in Okeechobee, FL to network with other branch managers and meet the corporate office staff.  When you partner with The Camper Connection, you are getting more than a business you become part of the family.


Of course, the main goal of starting a business is for it to be profitable.  Learning how to take on consignment units was a game-changer and allowed us to scale our business quickly.  In our first season, we were able to quit our day jobs and work on our business full time with the income we had coming in.  We recouped our investment within the first couple of months of joining The Camper Connection.  Learning by their experience allowed us to skip the learning curve and grow quickly and efficiently.


Having a flexible schedule, extra money, and more freedom can open you up to an unlimited about of possibilities in your life, from spending more time with your family to building your dream business.  Having a successful rental business has given us the opportunity to expand our knowledge in the RV industry and get certified in RV repairs which expanded our customer base and helps our consignment owners keep costs down.  


Practice what you preach by enjoying awesome RV vacations which allows you to give great advice and recommendations to your renters.  Since our branch is located in NY and we only operate 6 months out of the year, we have the other 6 months of the year to travel which allows us to give great advice to our customers.  So far our family of 5 has camped in 15 states and counting!  We love giving recommendations to our renters based on our own experiences.


Since this is a home-based business, you are able to work anywhere you have your phone or laptop. Schedule drivers and cleaners where ever you are to assist you at your home base.  This can allow you to travel more, work on other businesses or passion projects or spend more time doing what you love.  The choice is yours.

I am so excited for you to learn more about this opportunity as it completely changed my family’s life.  A few years ago we would have never imagined that we were able to live off of our business’s income and have the time to travel with our 3 kids. Are you ready to learn more about what The Camper Connection has to offer?  Learn about starting your own RV rental business here.

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