Budget Friendly RVing Tips

Vacation expenses can add up quickly.  However, when you are vacationing in an RV there are several ways to keep expenses down.  For instance, since the RV has a kitchen, meals can be prepared at the campsite, saving you money from costly meals eating out at restaurants.  There are our favorite tips to make the most of your vacation budget:


GasBuddy App

A cost that renters often forget about is gas cost which can quickly add up.  Download this app on your phone to find gas stations in your area with the lowest prices.  When you are driving an RV with an 80 gallon tank, those pennies per gallon you can save will really add up.

Gas Memberships

Many gas stations have membership programs you can enroll into, to get a savings per gallon.  Cumberland Farms has a Smartpay program where you can link your debit card to pay on your phone and get $.10 per gallon.  Flying J gas stations offers a rewards program for customers allowing you to earn points for future purchases.  there are many others, just search for a rewards program and sign up before paying at the pump.

Campground Savings


Koa campgrounds offer a KOA Rewards card which will get you 10% off per night and earn you rewards points to use towards future stays.  The membership is only $33 so this easily pays for itself after a weekend trip at a KOA campground.

Good Sam

This campground membership program offers a 10% discount with participating campgrounds. You will find a large variety of campgrounds throughout the United States, they have over 2000 listed.  In addition to saving on campground fees, Good Sam members also receive a $.05 discount per gallon of gas at Flying J Gas Stations.  This membership would work best for those who are taking a longer trip or multiple trips in a year to recoup their membership fee.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a unique membership that gives you access to nightly stays at wineries, farms, and attractions, throughout the US.  You can get 15% off the annual membership using our affiliate link here.

In addition to using campground savings cards you can also look out for promotions for campgrounds that give you free night such as buy 6, get one free.  Also traveling during shoulder seasons can allow you to get non peak rates at campground which can increase your savings.  If you are just stopping to rest on your way to your main destination, you may be able to find a rest area or parking lot  (most Cracker Barrels or Walmart’s allow this) to spend the night to save on a nightly campground fee.

Rental Units

If camping locally, renting a travel trailer and paying for delivery (or towing it yourself if you have a tow vehicle) can be less expensive then renting a drivable RV.  Along with saving on the nightly rate, you would also save on gas and insurance.

Some rentals also offer discounts for renting for a longer periods of time such as weekly or monthly rentals.  Check with your local branch to see if they offer any discounts for length of stay or veterans.


City Passes

City Passes are a discount card that can be purchased to gain admission to multiple attractions in a particular city.  Destinations include Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, and more!  Purchasing one of these passes can save you up to 50% in admission costs.

You can also visit local welcome centers for coupon booklets to local attractions. RVing can also be budget to friendly when it comes to attractions because there is often a lot to see and do right at the campground.  Activities can include hiking, swimming, biking, playgrounds, and more.

I hope these tips help you save on your trip.  What travel tips do you have that help you save money?  We would love to hear them in the comments.

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