Top Resources for RV Trip Planning

Planning any trip can be stressful and if this is your first time RVing, it can be even more so.  The best way to make sure you get it right is to do some research and planning.  There are many resources out there that gives you ideas of where to camp, what to pack, and what to do when you get there.  All of this information can be overwhelming so we have complied a list of our favorite RV resources that can help you on your trip.


RV Atlas

From campground reviews throughout the United States to recommendations for the best gear, this podcast covers all things RVing.  Hosts, Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi share their experiences from camping with their three boys in the Northeast and beyond.  They share their best camping tips and both novice and pro campers can learn a thing or two from them.  Here are some of our favorite episodes:

RV Miles

This podcast is hosted by the Our Wandering Family.  The show concentrates on travel tips and gear reviews to make life easier on the road. They also feature RV news so that you can stay current on what is happening in the industry. We found great value in the following episodes:



This is the perfect trip planner tool.  It allows you to enter your destination, plans out your route, and allows you to choose stops along the route.  It gives both private and state campgrounds around your specific location, along with reviews so you can pick one that is best suited for you.  This app also gives a tally of roundtrip miles and total gas cost based on the average price entered.  You can also find rest areas to park or stay at overnight.  This is a great option as a free app.

RV Trip Wizard

If you are looking for an upgraded trip planner experience this is the app for you!  For a small annual fee, you can access this app which connects to RV Life – a RV safe GPS app.  Enter in the RV details such as height and weight to find the safest route for your trip.  Another advantage is that the maps can be used offline, so if you are in an area with spotty coverage, you can still stay on route.  You can also set a mileage limit per day, so that you don’t burn yourself while driving.

Youtube Channel


There are hundreds of RV related Youtube channels but our favorite is KYD (Keep Your Daydream).  This channel follows the adventures of a family that lives full time in an RV.  Their videos will give you a lot of inspiration and tips of where and how to travel.  Here are our favorite episodes:


Where Should We Camp Next

This newly released book written by the podcasters from RV Atlas is a 50 state guide and review of campgrounds throughout the United States.  This book gives you an overview of their favorite campgrounds, listing over 300 choices for places to stay for your RV trip.  To make things easier, the book has implemented a badge system with the campgrounds in the book so you can easily find family friendly sites, waterfront sites, romantic getaways and more.  In addition to giving you great information on where to stay there are some great side bars that give you ideas of the best attractions to see in a given area, favorite hikes and travel tips.

The Complete Guide to Renting an RV

This E-book available on Amazon, is a great resource if you are new to renting.  It is written by a renter, himself who shares his experiences renting.  The book goes over, how to choose an RV that is right for you, what to pack, where to stay and more!

I hope these helps narrow down all of the choices for RV resources out there.  Our branch managers have many years experience with RVing themselves, so if you have any questions on specific RV’s or the best local campgrounds, feel free to reach out.

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