Rent Your Camper

Offset Your Ownership Costs, Put Your Camper to Work!


Our camper rental program is not just for vacationers, it benefits camper owners too. Owning a camper does not come without some expenses; whether you do the work yourself or pay someone else the regular maintenance a camper needs can put a dent in your wallet. You can’t use your camper every day of the year so why not put it to work? Offset your costs by renting out your camper through The Camper Connection

Make Extra Cash…

You can easily make some extra money by renting out your camper to other people. We do the work, and you pocket the cash. Click Here to visit our Rent My Camper Page and you’ll see it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to put get paid throughout every camper rental season.

… Without the Extra Work

What extra work? The Camper Connection will clean and stock your camper for you so it’s ready to use for your guests. We even make sure the propane tank is full and the waste tank is not.

Peace of Mind with The Camper Connection

We inspect your camper before and after every rental. Damage is extremely rare, but if it does occur the cost is covered by the renter’s deposit. We also insure your camper so there is no risk to you. You can sleep soundly knowing your investment is well protected.

Enjoy the Rewards of Owning a Camper, and be Rewarded Too!

You can use your camper as much as you like, or rent it out as often as possible. The choice is all yours. The rules are yours to make too – if you prefer not to allow pets on board, no problem. If you don’t wish to allow smoking, that’s your decision.

Rent Your Camper to Help Pay for Your Next Trip

The more you make your camper available for rentals the more you make. You can easily put enough away to pay for your next adventure. And, we pay you weekly

Get a Return on Your Investment

Don’t let your camper sit, make some money with it. Contact The Camper Connection and get more information about renting your camper today!


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