Travel Trailer, the cure for what ails you..

A Travel Trailer Is The Cure.

Got spring fever? Tell me about it. A Travel Trailer may be the cure. I have been cooped up in the house for too long. We actually took a nice 3 week trip in one of our Rv’s and that seemed to help break up the winter quite nice. It was me, my wife, my mother in law and our 4 kids. Here’s a link to the RV we took

Camper Rental In Michigan

We hit 10 states and had a blast. Biloxi MS was by far our favorite stop. We stayed at Cajun Rv Park  What a nice place to setup a camper rental if your ever in the area. My kids loved it as we home school so they were the only ones around the campground and they got really spoiled by all the retiree snow birds!!

Travel Trailer Curbside

We had the beach to ourselves which was real nice. The kids found hermit crabs, sea shells, and some of those colorful transparent looking things that just float with ease through the water. What are those things called again? I forget. Anyway’s I started Michigan Camper Rental with just our camper and we have quickly grown to almost 25 campers!! A camper rental might be the perfect idea for you and the family to get away and connect. Michigan is full of campgrounds and we have some of the most beautiful lake shore to be seen and explored.

I want to encourage you to take a look around our website and let the imagination flow. Picture you and your family exploring Michigan this summer. Start a family tradition. Start a yearly family reunion and find a favorite campground.

Attention Camper Owners

If you own a camper and want to make some extra cash while your not using it We Can Help!! All of the campers listed on our website are owned by families and we rent them out for them when they aren’t using them. Get more info on that here: RENT MY CAMPER

p.s. I just remembered, it’s called a jellyfish.

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