Camper Rental – A Great Stay-at-Home Career

The camper rental business is attracting more campers and camper owners every year. Renting a camper is a great way for people to enjoy a camping vacation with none of the overhead associated with ownership. Simply choose the camper that best fits your needs and you can either pick it up yourself, or have it delivered to your destination where it will be set up and ready for your use. Campers can enjoy a couple of weeks in a campground or two without carrying the cost of a towable or RV for the rest of the year.
Camper owners have their own reasons to be excited about the rental business. Renting out your own camper through a company like The Camper Connection can easily cover the cost of ownership while allowing the owners to use their toys as much or as little as they wish.
Camper rental can even be a profitable business that’s fun and easy to run right from your home or office. That is exactly what attracted camper owner Tammy Reese, and led her to connect with Garr Russell and The Camper Connection team.
After moving from Florida to Pennsylvania to be closer to her family, Tammy began to look for a job she could manage as a stay-at-home Mom. But, she wanted something she could turn into a real career.
After receiving an email from that introduced her to the camper rental owner’s group on Facebook, Tammy discovered Camper Connection chief Garr Russell’s contact info. Before long, she reached out to Garr and expressed interest in the rental program.
With two small children, camping had become a less likely choice for Tammy and her family and she nearly sold her 18-foot Forest River Wildwood Bunkhouse travel trailer. Once she found The Camper Connection, Tammy realized she could keep her trailer until the kids had grown with little to no overhead expense.
“I thought, if it can just cover the monthly payment – good enough” Tammy said. However, she quickly recognized that the camper rental business was a perfect career opportunity for someone who wants, or needs, to work from home. With Garr’s program and guidance, she could slowly learn the business until she was ready for the full-time responsibilities.
Tammy said, “It’s appealing because it’s a groundbreaking opportunity. Once people hear about the rental business they are eager to learn more.”
With Hershey Park, one of the largest themed attractions in the United States, close to her new home Tammy crosses paths with a lot of campers, and camper owners. Although she’s still new to the game, she is now well on her way to a full-time career with multiple signups and more on the way.
Tammy is also managing camper rentals for four other owners and is actively seeking out more. “There are a number of people who want to enjoy the camping lifestyle,” she said, “but were not aware of the overhead, maintenance, and other responsibilities that come with ownership.”
Hersheypark, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has rides, games, a zoo, and of course – chocolate. Lots of chocolate. They have something for everyone, and that includes a beautiful resort for campers. But, Tammy was surprised to find that The Hersheypark Camping Resort didn’t know about camper rental programs like The Camper Connection’s until she explained it to them.
Now, like most people who hear about The Camper Connection, they want to know more.
If you’re a camper, RV, or travel trailer owner and want to put your camper to work, please contact us here at The Camper Connection for information. If you are interested in starting a Camper Connection branch of your own, click here to see how things work.
Or, if you are looking to rent a camper for a vacation or road trip, please check out our inventory and let The Camper Connection help you enjoy your camping experience!

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