Hidden Treats – Hershey, Pennsylvania Camping

People who are willing to try something new can discover unexpected rewards in places like Hershey, Pennsylvania. The town, and its namesake attraction, Hersheypark, make great camping destinations full of history and family fun. You could even call it a camping sweet spot.

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Just outside of Harrisburg, approximately 132 miles west of Philadelphia, Hersheypark is the real-life version of Willy Wonka’s candy-coated playground. The story of Milton Hershey and his chocolate empire is reason enough to make the trip. With no children of their own, Hershey and his wife found ways to create a better life for local residents and orphaned children.

Milton Hershey transferred most of his considerable wealth to a trust that oversees the Milton Hershey School, and the school actually owns all of the other assets including Hersheypark. The Hershey school provides housing and education to approximately 2000 children who need assistance and helps to prepare them for either a career or college.

Hershey gave much more back to the local area, including a world-class teaching hospital. The amazing thing is that the school is completely funded by its ownership of Hersheypark, and many of the local hotels and related assets. By visiting the park, people are funding the future of the children at the Hershey School.

Hersheypark is a well-known attraction for people in the Eastern US, but it is not as well know across the country. Nestled in the beautiful Dauphin County area of Pennsylvania, Hersheypark is a full-featured amusement park with attractions for kids of all ages, and for adults. The park includes roller coasters and other rides, a waterpark, shows and concerts, museums, a butterfly atrium, and even opportunities to tase different iterations of the thing that started it all – chocolate.

Hersheypark also offers travelers several options for lodging through different hotels in the park and outside, with all-inclusive options, and of course, a campground which is available year-round.

The Hersheypark Campground Resort provides cabins, campsites, and full hookups for RVs and campers with water available from mid-April until mid-October. Full and partial hookups are available, giving rolling guests pricing and convenience options to choose from.

The town of Hershey features lots of attractions for winter visitors as well, such as The Hershey Story Museum where people can create their own candy bar, or participate in the Chocolate Lab where kids can learn to make chocolate. The park even has special events for Christmas, when more than 50 of their rides remain open and the entire park is transformed by millions of lights and a holiday theme

There is plenty to do outside of the Hershey empire too, and other campgrounds to choose fromNearby Harrisburg seems like an unlikely destination for would-be campers, but the town is close enough to leave your rig at Hershey and run over for day trips. Visit the Whittaker Center for a scientific adventure, or take a riverboat tour on the beautiful Pride of the Susquehanna paddle wheeler. Or, take in a bit of history at the National Civil War Museum.

No matter where you go, there are always hidden treasures if you take the time to explore The Internet has made it possible to throw a dart at a map, research the location, and go. Travelling by camper or RV makes it easy to see the country, and The Camper Connection provides the best way to do it.

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