Harvest party – camping addition!

Harvest party – camping addition!

Camping during the fall season? Why not throw a harvest festival, including costumes, candy, and decor! Below are some ideas to help kick off the fun.

Some campgrounds will host harvest parties around the same time as Halloween. These parties could include costume contests and trick-or-treating. Calling ahead will give the family an idea of what to plan for.

Decorate the camper with fall decor, and have the kids help too! Trace some pumpkins on a sheet of paper and have them cut them out. Use some tape and have the kids hang up their decorations! Make a paper chain with orange, red, and yellow construction paper.

Bring some pumpkins and carving tools along. Carving pumpkins is a great way to kick-off the fall season. To avoid carving tools, painting is also a fun option (especially for little ones)! A lot of craft supply stores sell painting pumpkin kits, but any crafting paint will work. Interesting in something a little more competitive? Ask the neighboring camp sites to vote on their favorite pumpkin!

Caramel apples are yummy fall treat. Some favorite caramel apples toppings include nuts, rainbow sprinkles, shredded coconut, toffee bits, and a chocolate drizzle. Looking for more delicious treats for the kids? Try making these acorn cookies. They are only 3 ingredients and the only kitchen appliance needed is a microwave; they are perfect for a camper treat!

Harvest party - camping addition (acorn cookies)
Harvest party – camping addition (acorn cookies)

A classic harvest party activity is a costume party! Pack all of the kids’ costumes (maybe multiple costumes per kid) and let them have fun pretending around the campground.

Ready for our own harvest party – camping addition? Book a camper from our website and use some of our ideas to celebrate the fall season of harvest!

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