How to Efficiently Pack for your Camping Trip

For every trip you take, do you have a three page list of items you need to pack and find yourself surrounded with bags and bags of things you need to fit in the RV? Packing for a camping trip can be overwhelming especially when you are renting a camper that you are unfamiliar with.  Here are some tips on how to make the packing process easier.


Instead of packing big bags or luggage that may not fit well in compartments and can take up valuable space in an RV.  You may want to invest in packing cubes.  Each family member can have their own set.  We like to pack a complete outfit or 2 in each and they fit nicely in the drawer.  To get the kids to help, make them a list of how many of each item they need and have them pack the items themselves.

Most campgrounds have laundry facilities available so don’t overpack, if clothing gets dirty you can wash and re-wear throughout the trip.  Don’t forget to bring an umbrella and raincoats, puddle boots, etc. for those wet days.


Plan your meals for the trip and order groceries at a nearby store for pickup or delivery right to the campsite.  This eliminates you having to take time to shop so you can get to enjoying your trip right away.  If you are unable to order groceries, it is still a good idea to meal plan so you know what items you need to bring from your pantry/refrigerator and what you need to buy at the store prior to your trip.  I like to try to make items with common ingredients to cut down on what I have to pack.


Inquire about the size of beds so you can bring appropriate bedding or ask to see if the the rental can have a linen package added on. Make sure you remember to pack pillows, washcloths and towels as they are typically not include in a rental.  I also like to pack a couple of throw blankets which are nice to bring out by the campfire on a chilly night.


Pick up an extra set of toothbrushes, toothpaste, contact solution, etc. so that you can pack the items ahead of time and don’t have to wait until the day of your trip.  Make sure you have bug spray, sunblock, and a first aid kit.

Kitchen Supplies

All rentals from The Camper Connection come with fully stocked kitchens so no need to pack up your items from home.  We include dishes, silverware, pots/pans, can opener, coffee maker, and toaster.  I do suggest packing some paper products to help make cleanup easier.  I always bring paper plates and plastic silverware for every camping trip.  Also don’t forget to bring foil, spices, and storage bags for cooking.


Camping chairs and a grill are great items to bring along on your trip so you can fully enjoy the outdoors.  Skip trying to pack wood as many state have regulations of bringing in firewood from other areas.  It is best to buy it at the campground or from a local vendor nearby your destination.


Outdoor games can be fun to bring along and if you have little ones – bubbles, glowsticks, and coloring books are inexpensive and small enough to pack.  I also like to bring a couple of movies, books, notepads, and board games for rainy days.  If the RV rental has a bike rack available, it is also a great idea to bring your bikes and helmets so you can explore the campground and trails.  Kayak/canoes would be best to rent onsite to save room in your vehicle.

If you are renting a drivable RV, to avoid bringing all of your items with you when you pick up the RV and packing onsite, I recommend adding an extra night or two onto your reservation so you can take it home, pack everything up the first day you have it, get a good night sleep and then head out for your trip the following day.

You can download our recommended packing list so that you don’t forget anything for your trip.  And if you do forget something, don’t stress, most likely you can get it from the camp store or local stores.

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