Miami Getaway – Camper Rental Fun in the Florida Sun

If you grew up in the 1980’s, any time someone mentions Miami, Florida you might get a mental picture of Don Johnson driving a Ferrari convertible in a white suit and pastel T-shirt. As Sonny Crockett, the hard-nosed detective from the hit TV show, Miami Vice, Johnson gave many of us our first glimpse of Miami and created the image of a hard-partying, adult playground awash in neon and million-dollar convertibles.

However, like Cabo San Lucas, MX, or Las Vegas, Nevada, Miami has so many other things to offer, especially for people looking to escape the winter cold for a few weeks every year. Whether you are looking for a two-week family getaway at the beach, or just a long weekend retreat for Mom and Dad, Miami can provide campers and RV’ers with a backdrop full of sun, sand, eateries, and attractions.

For campers, there are far too many South Florida camping opportunities to list. One of the biggest South Florida campgrounds, Miami Everglades RV Resort, offers complete comfort with a pool, spa, laundry, and Wi-Fi. The park is also pet-friendly and provides easy access to downtown Miami, South Beach, or even the Florida Keys.

Miami also has its share of unusual attractions, such as the Coral Castle and Stiltsville. Part of Biscayne National Park, Stiltsville began as a 27-home housing development built on pilings and placed more than a mile from shore. Campers can take a cruise past the unusual land, or sea – mark for a closer look.

No Miami vacation would be complete without a day trip to The Coral Castle. The subject of books and documentaries, the incredible limestone structure was one the home of its creator, Edward Leedskalnin from 1923 to 1951, where his incredible gardens, carvings, and much more are open to the public.

Although visitors often connect Miami, Florida with its beautiful beaches before anything else, the South Florida city offers campers and RV owners a variety of interesting and unique attractions. Tour the Art Deco District or shop in Miami Beach, then trade your walking shoes for sandals and spot alligators in the Everglades while cruising on an airboat. Miami has sights and sounds that will appeal to anyone’s tastes.

Miami is also a foodie’s paradise where sweet but potent Cuban coffee will quickly drive away the morning fog. The potent expresso is a common compliment to meals in the Florida hotspot. There is plenty of other Cuban influence on the food in Miami too, such as the deliciously mixed-up Cuban Sandwich.

Although its real origin is unknown, the Cuban sandwich is a mix of Cuban and Italian ingredients such as ham, salami, pork, pickles and Swiss cheese stacked on long loaf of long, narrow Italian or French bread lightly coated with mustard. The finished construction is pressed like a Panini, making it flaky, and of course, delicious.

For die-hard Micky fans, even Disney is within easy reach by car, bus, or train. From Miami, the inland playgrounds around the city of Orlando are just a three-hour drive away for families on a longer break. Although Disney World is the main attraction, many other theme parks and recreation destinations fight for visitors’ attention such as Epcot Center and Universal Studios. And, for those in the know, there’s Gatorland.

South Florida’s beautiful weather may be the biggest attraction during the colder months, but the area also boasts an incredible cross-section of history, culture, and natural resources. There is truly something for everyone and all of it is easy to access by renting a camper from The Camper Connection.

On your next trip to Miami and South Florida, Camper Connection Branch Manager Caitlin Roberts can help make your vacation even better. Instead of renting a boring room in some cookie cutter hotel, Caitlin and her husband, Seth, can help set you up with a camper rental in one of the many Sunshine State campgrounds.

The Camper Connection can deliver and hook up your chosen camper or RV at the campground of your choice. Caitlin and her team and her Miami crew will make sure your selected home away from home is clean, stocked with necessities, and ready for you to walk in and enjoy.

When it’s time to head for home, Caitlin and her crew will pick up your rented RV and bring it back to The Camper Connection to clean it up and get it ready for the next visitor. Instead of dragging your own camper 1500 miles on your next trip, save the wear and tear and potential repairs and let The Camper Connection make your South Florida vacation even more fun.

On your next vacation, choose your destination and let The Camper Connection provide your accommodations. Contact our team to reserve your camper or RV and we’ll help you hit the road in style.

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