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New Branches Mean New Adventures for Camper Renters

The Camper Connection has grown quite a bit this past year, creating new partnerships, and making new friends with each location that comes into focus. And, with each new location comes all of the attractions (and distractions) that are available to anyone who rents a camper from The Camper Connection to camp out in style. Or, for those who don’t have a truck to pull a camper with – rent the camper of your dreams and we’ll deliver it, set it up, then come pick it up again once you’re finished relaxing or exploring.

The US is a big country with lots to see, and it’s easy to only focus on the big name destinations made into household names by the media and travel books. But, there are hidden gems in every corner of this country, and camper rental makes them all accessible. Burleson, Texas is a perfect example. Located just south of Fort Worth and south-west of Dallas, Texas, the town of Burleson, TX is the perfect spot to rent a camper and set up your home base for a long weekend or week-long camping trip. Area visitors can choose from campgrounds spread throughout the are, check out the list below for some suggestions on campgrounds and activities once you rent a camper from The Camper Connection.

If you head to either Dallas or Fort Worth for the day, you’ll discover a wealth of cultural attractions spread across the two cities. There are inside activities for rainy days, such as the Amon Carter Museum of American Art where works by masters such as Winslow Homer and Fredrick Church are on display along with exhibits created by the Google Art Project. The Kimbell Art Museum is also a welcome distraction when inside activities become a necessity, where creations by some of the great European masters like Michaelangelo and Monet can be found along with paintings and sculptures from some of the most recognizable names in art history.

There are plenty of other great attractions to see in either town, including the SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium and the Legoland Discovery Center for kids and adults alike. A trip to the Reunion Tower and Observation Deck will reward visitors with a beautiful view of Dallas from above, and the Vintage Flying Museum provides an incredible picture of the people and machines that took flight from the biplane era to the XR-71 Blackbird and beyond.

On sunny days when it’s time to venture out from the campground, a trip into either city provides historic and just plain amazing attractions like the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, where the beautiful grounds host weekly concerts as well. In Fort Worth, a trip to the Stock Yards will give visitors a glance at life in the old west around the turn of the century.

But the best attractions of all are (like so many local attractions waiting to be discovered by tourists) the area’s unexpected collection of incredible lakes and surrounding parks. Visitors can kayak, fish, and take advantage of the fantastic water parks in different nearby towns, all within easy reach of one of the great local campgrounds which include the following –

Possum Kingdom State Park where, among many other available activities, kids can become Junior Rangers and earn badges for completing different tasks.

Possum Kingdom Lake also features the new Lush Resort and RV park where visitors can find everything from boat rentals to the new Bar and Grill.

Mitchell Resort & RV Park, Perrin, TX has tons of activities for kids including a train ride and playground

Joe Pool Lake in Grand Praire, TX has great boating, fishing and sandy beach areas for swimming as well as access to several large state parks.

Mill Creek Ranch Resort & RV Park, Canton, TX features a beautiful RV park with campground rentals and even yurts.

Of course, this list would not be complete without Jellystone Park in Burleson, Tx, which has more attractions for kids than you could possibly visit in one week.

As always, some of the best attractions are right under our noses and great vacations are available where you might not expect to find them. You don’t need to fly half-way around the world or jet off to the Carribean to find amazing vacation opportunities, there are plenty right here in the US and our local branches provide easy access to those sights and experiences.

IF you are going to rent a camper in the Dallas-Fort Worth area take advantage of all it has to offer, you’ll get help from Burleson, TX Camper Connection branch manager Linda Finch. Once you reserve your camper, she’ll make sure it’s clean and stocked, and all setup and ready to use. If you are looking to vacation in the DFW area, or anywhere else in the USA, contact us at The Camper Connection and we probably have a branch near your target destination.

Give us a call and we’ll help you get rolling down the road in comfort and style!


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