Rockin’ Destinations for Camper Rental Vacations

Americans are a pretty mobile bunch. Most of us drive back and forth to work each day, then drive around town on the weekends to pick up supplies for our chore lists, or food and drinks for the upcoming weekend barbeque. When it’s time to relax you would think our main goal would be to sit still but, nope. We climb behind the wheel of our RV’s or hook campers to our pickup trucks and head for the hills. Or beaches. Or Mountains. Or whatever place sounds like it would be great fun to visit.

Many campers and RV owners select locations that are near their favorite attractions or pick a place to visit that’s near family and old friends. Some set out for new adventures in States they’ve never visited before. But, not all vacations are created equal and sometimes, people choose a destination because it just plain rocks.

Concerts and music festivals make great camper rental destinations. Many festivals are held in outside venues with RV parks close by, where music lovers can find like-minded neighbors one or two campsites to the left. Or right. There are so many music festivals around the country that it would take a lifetime to see them all. Rock and Roll events like Lalapalooza are well-known attractions for music fans all over the world, but there are lots of other, less, um… “overwhelming” shows, we’ll say, for music fans that just want to camp out and catch a great concert.

If you know where you want to go and would like to find out who’s playing there, you can usually jump on the city or town’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website to find out what bands will be playing in the area. You can also find lots of lesser-known but still great shows like the like the Irish and Polish Music Festivals, the Burning Foot Beer Festival, and RockStock – all in Muskegon, Michigan. Muskegon is becoming a cool place to visit where there is something for everyone.

For an example, check out the CVB site for Muskegon, Michigan to see a list of great events and festivals coming to the area. You’ll find lots more than just concerts and festivals but it’s a great way to get an idea of the things to look for in other towns. No matter where you want to go, check out the CVB website first and see what’s cookin’.

The opposite approach is also a good one. If you are fans of a certain band, find out where their tour is taking them next and head for that town. You’ll have no trouble finding a campground nearby these days, so hitch up and head out to catch the next show by your favorite artist. Most bands post their entire tour and all of the stops on their website, so you can figure out where you want to catch the show, and then stay a few days to see the other local attractions. Or, just hang around the camper and relax.

Thanks to Randy Gordon, our branch manager in Chandler, Arizona branch for the idea for this topic. Randy pointed out that the Country Thunder Music Festival is coming to nearby Florence, Arizona in April 2019. That may seem like a long way off, but if you want to be sure you’ll get a great campsite somewhere close to the show it might be a good idea to start looking now. There are other things to see around Chandler too, like the Ostrich Festival or Chuck Wagon Cook-Off. Florence, AZ, where the Country Thunder festival actually takes place, has it’s own set of quirky happenings too. You’ve got to love a town creative enough to come up with a Dive-In Movie. Yes, DIVE in.

Where did all of this amazing information come from? The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for each town. If you’re headed for Chandler, Arizona for a camper rental adventure, be sure to look up Randy Gordon. He’ll help you get set up with the camper that best fits your needs, and will also help set it up and then pick it up once you’re ready to head for home. However, before you go, check out two great resources so you can better plan your trip.

First, check out The Camper Connection, where you can see what campers are available for rent in each location. Once you’ve picked out the camper or RV for your camping needs, be sure to visit the Convention and Visitors’ Bureau for the place you want to visit. You’ll find all of the local info you could possibly want, including stuff about museums, events, concerts, and of course, the best campgrounds in the area.

The Camper Connection – visit our website and let us help you hit the road in style!


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