TIME OUT – Time to go Camping!

TIME OUT. Time out. We all need to find time for ourselves, and sometimes we prioritize everything and everybody else. We tend to say Yes before we stop and think – do I have enough time/energy/desire to do that, or am I just saying Yes to be nice?

Above all else, we need to put our families first. We need to make sure we’re able to spend time with the people who matter most. We need to recharge and regroup, and to do that, we also need to unplug so our attention is focused on the one thing that’s more important than all of the toys we could possibly surround and distract ourselves with.

Our loved ones.

We will always be able to work more hours, but we’ll only get one chance to see our children grow up. And our parents grow old for that matter. Every minute, and every event in our family history is irreplaceable, we can never again be duplicated. So what’s more critical – winning some sales award or being there when your child catches their first fish? Or climbs up in her grandmother’s lap and goes to sleep?

There are lots of activities we can do to bring our family closer, or to give our marriages a little boost. We all tend to search for the perfect getaway, like there’s a magic formula that will bring us closer and   Whether it’s a theme park or major city, or a historical monument or natural resource, we look for that one thing that’s guaranteed to get our kids to put down their gaming controllers and make the adults to set aside their phones.

In other words – unplug.

But we don’t need some major distraction to get them to turn their heads a little to the left. We don’t need to spend a fortune on some Caribbean island or in a European country to strengthen that family bond. The location, or weather, or the number of roller coasters available don’t make us grow as a family, the time we spend focusing on the dreams, fears, goals, and needs of our family together.

And neither do the pictures we take. Yes, we should grab some shots for our memory books, but we don’t need to stare at the screen on our phone instead of watching the real thing happen right in front of our eyes. We need to be present, and to be involved. To be connected.

So, what activity covers all of those bases? What can you do as a family that checks every one of those boxes and gives you the freedom to see the country, meet new people, and unplug from all of the usual distractions that keep everyone from being present?

Rent an RV from The Camper Connection and go someplace close to home, or head out and see the country. In style. Together.

Go camping.

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