group of friends

Travel Creates Friendships and Bonds Families

group of friends

Rent a Camper – Travel and Make Some Friends

Okay, so – this isn’t all about camper rental but it is very much related. So. I recently took a class which brought people in from several places around the country, including one group that came from all the way out in Connecticut. They had driven for 13 hours and stayed in a hotel before coming to the course. Spending the day with them made me realize something important.

Travel Bonds People Together

I watched these four guys work together, make mistakes together, and laugh together throughout the whole day. They traded stories about the trip and each other’s personality quirks, things they learned about each other, stuff like that. But one thing was very clear – the trip really brought them together.

Quality Time – Is Anything Better

I’m sure those four guys knew very little about each other outside of their working relationships when they left home. But, the time together – time without email, time to point out unique sights and attractions along the way, and time to talk, just talk, made them closer. By the time they got to Michigan they had become real friends.

Camping Brings People Together

Campers are some of the friendliest people around. Stop for the night in a campsite and you’ll leave the next day with new contacts, or at least great information on where to visit next. You’ll trade stories with other campers and maybe even find someone going to the same place you are headed. No matter where they are from, most campers will at least make you feel like next door neighbors.

People are Happier in a Group

Pack the family, or a group of friends in a camper from MI Camper Rental and hit the road. Pick out some places you’ve never seen and visit crazy roadside attractions like the Bigfoot Museum, or the Worlds Biggest Cherry Pie. It might be fun to see those things alone, but nothing beats going with a group of people you care about. More people, more fun.

Camper Rental – Go Places and Do Things With Friends or Family

I traded contact information with several of the people from the course when we were all done. The funny thing was – I felt closer to each member of the class, and we all felt like one big group at the end. I kept imagining what it would be like to ride back with those four guys, their camaraderie was infectious. They were going home with some great stories to tell, all made better by being a part of a bigger bunch of people.

They came all the way out, did some fun stuff, and took the time to see some local Michigan sights while they were visiting.

And that’s exactly what camper rental is all about. Visit our Campers page and check out the wide variety of available campers at MI Camper Rental and we’ll help you get on your way.