How To Plan An Epic RV Trip

The beginning of the year is when many campgrounds start opening reservations for the new year.  There are often RV shows this time of the year as well whether it is in person or virtual.  These events offer travel resources and guides which makes it a great time to start planning your upcoming trips.  Here are some tips for planning out your trips.

Plan Your Vacation Time

First you will need to figure out how much time you have available for your trip.  Will you be taking a week long vacation, weekend getaway, or an epic one month adventure?  Also what time of the year will you be be traveling in?  Will it coincide with school breaks?  If so, you will want to plan ahead and book early, since this is a popular time for families to travel.  If you have more flexibility with your dates, you may want to consider the shoulder seasons which will have less crowds and lower rates.

Determine Your Budget

Take a look at your income and expenses and determine how much money you can set aside for your trip this year.  After you set a budget amount break it down to determine into categories. Some common expenses are:

  • Campground Fees
  • RV Rental
  • Meals
  • Attractions
  • Fuel/tolls

Decide on Your Destination

Once you determine the amount of time you have and when you will take your trip, it’s time to determine where you want your destination to be.  Although, some people do this step first, I like to be realistic and know how much time and money I have to spend before deciding on a destination.  I may really want to take the kids to Disney this year but if I have limited time or money there is no reason considering this as a destination.  Also remember, the further away you go the less time you will have at your actual destination, since you need to allow for travel time and stops along the way. If your destination is close, consider having a trailer trailer delivered to the campground.  It is easy to arrive and have the camper all setup for you.  The Camper Connection staff will show you how everything works and it will save you the trouble of having to tow it yourself or driving a motorhome.

Plan Your Route

Once you know where you are going, you need to find the best way to get there.  For longer trips I recommend using the RV Parky app to map out your trip..  Once you mark your destination, you can find even stopping points, based on mileage or drive time.  It also estimates fuel cost and allows you to find campgrounds or free rest areas to stop for the night.  You will also want to consider using a GPS that is for trucks or RV’s as you will want to avoid tunnels and areas with low overpasses.  Make sure you know the height of the vehicle you are driving to prevent any mishaps.

Determine the Attractions You Want to Visit

Most campgrounds can be an attraction just on their own.  RV resorts often have pools, waterslides, group activities, and playgrounds.  Even state campgrounds have plenty to do such as hiking trails, bike paths, and often bodies of water for fishing, swimming or kayaking.  You may find you want to want to spend your entire trip relaxing and playing at the campground which can be an amazing time or you may decide you want see what the town and area has to offer.  I like to immerse myself in the local culture and find the best restaurants and fun day trips for the kids. Trip Advisor is a great resource to scout out local restaurants and attractions in the area you’re visiting.

I can’t wait to sit down with my planner and start mapping out my trips for the year!  We are sure to have a few local weekend getaways, but I am excited to plan a month long adventure next fall which is sure to involve some warmer climates.  Are you ready to book your trip?  Reserve your RV rental online or contact our Customer Service Department at 269-205-3349.





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