5 Ways to Stay Fit On the Road

The new year brings new goals and one of those goals is usually staying fit, losing weight, etc  Studies show that by the end of January, people have already broken their resolutions regarding their fitness goals. Going on a vacation can also side track you from your goals, but it doesn’t have to.  Especially when vacationing in an RV, you have more opportunity to get outdoors and exercise.  Here are some of our favorite activities to partake in while camping:


Whether you are visiting a National park or a RV resort, most campgrounds offer a water feature such as rivers, oceans, lakes or swimming pools.  Enjoy a leisurely swim, or rent a paddleboard, kayak, or canoe to take in the local sites.  Kayaking for just one hour can burn 200-300 calories.  Our favorite RV resort that offers all of these features is Massey’s Landing in Delaware.


Hiking can be great for a beginner or expert.  You can often find trails nearby that will fit your activity level.  Download the All Trails app to find hiking locations near you, you can find hikes based on level of difficulty.  When hiking, I enjoy finding a place with a view such as a waterfall or lookout point.  Desoto State Park in Alabama features over 52 miles of hiking where you can find beautiful scenery and plant life.


Whether it’s biking at the campground or mountain biking the winding trails or a National Park, cycling can be a great activity to get your heart pumping,  Bike rentals are often available at campgrounds or surrounding areas. Also inquire with your local branch of The Camper Connection, they may have bike racks available to rent so you can bring your own bikes with you. If you want to plan your trip around a unique cycling experience, Grand View Campground in Idaho features an abandoned railroad bed that you can peddle through to get to West Yellowstone.

Mountain Climbing

If you are more adventurous, try mountain climbing which will be sure to give you some exercise and an adrenaline rush.  Head to the National Parks for the best mountain climbing experience.  Joshua Tree National Park located in California offers endless rock faces for climbing. Stacy nearby at Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground is located at the southern edge of the Mojave Desert and offers panoramic views of the park.

Winter Sports

Even if the temperatures are cold, you can still camp!  There are many campgrounds open year round throughout the US.  Check out our blog post here to find year round campgrounds.  If you love skiing or snowboarding, check out this campground close to the mountains.  At Old Forge camping resort, located in New York, you can take part in snowshoeing and X-Country Skiing all winter long.

There are plenty of opportunities to stay fit while on the road.  In addition to getting exercise, you can meal plan to keep your eating on track.  One of the best parts of traveling in a RV is having your own kitchen so you don’t have to eat out at fast food locations.  Pack health options and visit local farmers markets and garden stands to get the freshest ingredients for you meals.



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