Think You Can’t Afford a Camper? Let The Camper Connection Prove You Wrong!

Owner rental puts your camping dreams within reach!

Owning a camper does not come without expenses. Like a monthly payment. Lots of people think a new camper is out of reach, but the staff at The Camper Connection can show you how to own a new one for little or no cost. Your camper can even put money back in your pocket!

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A free RV? Just can’t be…

Or can it? At The Camper Connection, we work with dealerships to secure the best possible pricing for you. We can even get wholesale numbers in many cases, and then pass those savings on to our family of renters. Simply purchase a camper, join our owner rental program and then choose how involved in the program you would like to be. The more you rent out your camper the more money you put in your bank account, but the choice is completely yours, you can make your camper available to potential renters as often, or as rarely, as you like.

Yep, it’s still your camper.

Our camper rental program can be custom tailored for everyone. Your camper will still be available for your own vacation plans, just block out the weeks you want your camper all to yourself and we’ll make sure it’s clean and ready for you and your family to enjoy. You own it but we’ll keep it spotless and even take care of things like propane and pump-outs. And, we’ll inspect it before and after every rental using our 100 point checklist to make sure your baby is and very well cared for.

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But, what If….???

You don’t need to worry about the “what if’s” – you just need to worry about your next travel adventure. We take care of the what-if’s. We even cover your camper with commercial insurance just in case. You can relax and enjoy your camper whenever you want, and let us put money in your bank account whenever you stay at home.

Yeah, but I have to do all of the selling, right?

Nope. We do all of the sales and marketing needed to keep your camper rented as much as you wish. We even take care of the billing for you and send you the payment as soon as each camper rental is complete.

Ok, but, what about… where do I… c’mon. There has to be a catch.

Sorry to disappoint you but… there’s no catch. It goes like this – we do all of the hard work, you enjoy owning a beautiful camper and make money when you can’t use it yourself.

Pretty simple, huh.

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Own a camper AND make money with it. Contact The Camper Connection today to find out more!


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