tahquamenon falls

Trip to Paradise by MI Camper Rental

tahquamenon falls

Camper rental can take you lots of fascinating places just in Michigan alone. With more coastline (3288 miles) than any other state except Alaska, Michigan has so much to offer campers on the mainland and the Upper Peninsula. From the top of “the mitten” it’s just a short and very pretty ride across the Mackinac Bridge to St. Ignace and the rest of the peninsula, where you can choose from a variety of campgrounds and attractions. You’ll even find Paradise you turn left on to 123 and follow the road north.

Ah, Paradise!

Paradise, MI is home to Tahquamenon Falls, which are a series of waterfalls on the Tahquamenon River that turn the color of root beer by tannis from the surrounding cedar swamps. Blue and green colored ice sometimes forms around the falls in the winter. The rushing waters and picturesque landscape is home to moose, whitetail deer, and even a few black bear. Hiking trails lead through the park and along the river providing access to the beautiful waterfalls, and rowboats or canoes are available for rent to glide over to the small island in the middle of the cascading river or to get a closer view of the lower falls.

Click Here for the Michigan DNR’s page about Tahquamenon Falls.

A Little History, A Lot of Fun

Tahquamenon Falls is the land which gave Longfellow the backdrop for his poem “The Song of Hiawatha”. Longfellow’s poem claims Hiawatha built his canoe “by the rushing Tahquamenaw”. Standing at the edge of the river it’s easy to imagine a time when people were few and far between and the natural environment was nearly undisturbed. The state park covers 50,000 acres of which most is undeveloped, so even though the park does see a lot of visitors in the summer months the lack of even power lines makes it feel like a land where time has stopped.

Wild Things and Creature Comforts

Along with the flora and fauna, Tahquamenon Falls State Park features sites with hookups that include 30 or 50 amp service, restrooms, and showers, and provides easy access to the area attractions. Wander through the park and visit the picturesque upper and lower falls, and return to your camper at night for some camaraderie with fellow travelers. Share pictures and stories about the day’s adventures, or curl up with a book in your home away from home from Michigan Camper Rental.

Natural Selection

There are other campgrounds in the area too, so if you’ve explored Tahquamenon Falls and want to see more of Michigan’s UP there are plenty of other spots to park. Paradise is close to the shores of Lake Superior, and also fun and unique attractions like Toonerville Trolley and Riverboat Trip – http://www.trainandboattours.com – where an authentic narrow gauge train will take you through 5 miles of thick forest where you may spot moose, bear, or even gray wolf. At the end of the train ride, a riverboat will take you on a 21-mile tour to the upper Tahquamenon rapids.

If you’d rather stay on solid ground take a trip to Oswalds Bear Ranch where you can visit with rescued and rehabilitated black bear – http://www.oswaldsbearranch.com/

Home Again…

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a world all it’s own and should be visited at least once in your camping life. Come down to Michigan Camper Rental and let us help you choose a camper that fits all of your needs, and also pick a place to enjoy it. We’ll even get the camper set up for you and come haul it back to our place when it’s time to go home. if you don’t have fun, we don’t have fun!



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