Easy campfire recipe

Recipe!! Who doesn’t love an easy and yummy campfire recipe? When you think of camping, what foods come to mind? Hotdogs? S’mores? Hobo pies? Not only are these campfire foods classics, but they are EASY!  As far as camping goes, most families are looking for fast, easy, and minimum clean-up. I’ve recently stumbled upon a recipe that covers all of those bases. A bonus: it can be catered towards different food preferences! Add what you like, or take out what you don’t like.

Foil packet recipe: 
What you’ll need:
Heavy duty foil (make sure to use heavy foil to prevent tears)
Cooking spray
Veggies of choice (corn, potatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, carrots, onions, etc.)
Meat of choice (shrimp, sausage, cubed chicken/steak, etc.)

These foil packets can be cooked straight on hot coals. Make sure the meat is on the bottom as it normally takes the longest to cook. Spray the foil, add the meat(s) and veggie(s), and fold the foil. Roll the ends up, then place the packet on the coals with the crease side up. Cooking outdoors made easy during your camper rental in michigan

Cooking times will vary; just be careful when checking the packet. The steam is hot!
How easy! Get your kids to help. They would love throwing everything on the foil.

Want even more foil packet ideas? Check out the following links! Take note that there are many variations of this recipe, including dessert and breakfast! Have fun with it.

Cooking Around the Campfire: 9 Easy and Delicious Foil Packet Recipes


Happy camping!


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