Rainy day camping fun

Rainy day camping fun

Rainy day camping fun

Planning the weather would be great, especially when camping! Sometimes rainy days just happen, but it is possible to have some rainy day camping fun! Below are some ideas to pass the time during a rainfall. These activities are ideal for kids, but the whole family can definitely enjoy. The best part about the listed activities is that most of them use camping essentials – meaning there’s no extra packing involved!

Rainy Hike

If the family is brave enough, pack some ponchos and take the kids on a rainy hike! Sweatshirt and galoshes may be a necessity, but the memories will be priceless. There is nothing wrong with getting a little wet – splash!

Board game day

Anybody can enjoy a great board game! Sit around the dining room and set up a fun, family-friendly game. If a long rain is on the forecast, make it interesting with a tournament! Some favorites include Apple to Apples, Guess Who, and Sorry. Even better – play a game that doesn’t need a board, like Charades!

Pop/water bottle bowling

Rainy day camping fun - water bottle bowling
Rainy day camping fun – water bottle bowling

The only materials needed for this activity are 10 bottles (fill with an inch of water or sand) and 1 ball! Have the kids decorate the outside of the bottles as the pins, and then set the “pins” up as a bowling alley would and try to knock them all over.

Marshmallow “tinker towers”

S’mores are an essential part of camping; put those extra marshmallows to good use! Try building something using pretzel sticks or tooth picks as connectors.

Indoor scavenger hunt

Find objects that are small enough to hide, keep track of what is hidden, set a timer, and GO! Take turns hiding the objects, then whoever finds all the objects the quickest wins a special treat (of parents’ choice)!

Fort building

Rainy day camping fun - Kitchen dinette
Rainy day camping fun – Kitchen dinette

Most campers have a nice kitchen dinette table that the family can fellowship around. Grab your sleeping bags (and your inner child) and build a fort – the kind made as a child. Drape the sleeping bag over the table top and let it hang over the sides. Kids will have a ball climbing in and out of their homemade fort.

Indoor attraction 

A rainy day is the perfect time to visit that town that was driven through. Do a quick search on the internet to find a small town, a museum, a bowling alley, a library (and read the books back at the campground), or any other local indoor attractions. Some campgrounds even have an indoor family area – make sure to ask the office when you arrive!


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