Teterboro, New Jersey – Hidden Gems in The Northeast

Winter is half over for those of us in the Northern parts of the country, where it’s also time to start thinking of all the great places around the US to go camping. With so many Camper Connection branches in operation, campers and RV’ers can pick just about any corner of the country and head on over to see what’s happening there.

That’s one of the best parts of traveling and a major attraction to the camping lifestyle. There are wonderful places to go, and especially, people to meet no matter which direction you point the headlights.

Many hidden gems turn up in places people would least expect to find them. For example, with the new Camper Connection branch open in Teterboro, New Jersey, some unexpectedly beautiful parts of the East Coast suddenly becomes easily reachable and can be explored from a rolling home base parked in a campground.

Teterboro, NJ, located in the Northeastern part of the state, is within reach of some major attractions, and an incredible amount of American history. Teterboro is also near enough to Manhattan to make half-day trips into the city a great way to spend rainy afternoons.

For a unique experience, campers can choose to stay at Liberty Harbor RV park, right near the banks of the Hudson River where the city skyline is in clear view. Campers can also see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from the campground, making trips to some of Americas most iconic landmarks quick and easy.

Of course, New York City itself has no shortage of attractions. Shoot through the Holland Tunnel into Lower Manhattan and the world is at your fingertips – especially if you like to eat. Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, and even Ukrainian Village are all close enough together that a brisk walk would take campers around the world. Virtually, of course.

What can’t be reached by foot is a cab ride away, taking visitors to SoHo, Greenwich Village, and of course – Central Park. The food in Manhattan alone is worth the trip, but there is so much more to see. A week would not be long enough to take in the museums.

For visitors who don’t want to tour New York, there are plenty of other reasons the Northeast part of the Garden State is worth a visit. Stay at Highland Falls RV Park and Marina, a little further north of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, and some of Connecticut’s historic attractions become available.

A couple of hours drive will put visitors in the harbor town of Mystic, Connecticut, where visitors can tour the historic seaport, ships, and shops. Mystic Seaport Village is home to a working seaport and museum, founded in 1929, is home to more than 500 historic vessels, 2 million artifacts, and more than 1 million photographs.

Visitors can watch professionals shipwrights build traditional watercraft by hand, or learn what life was like for the people who made their living on the ocean. For a really special experience, campers can sail aboard one of the traditional sailing vessels docked in Mystic Harbor, such as the steamship Sabino, or the sailing vessel Breck Marshall. And, yes, there’s ice cream at the Seaport too.  

Mystic and the other attractions around Connecticut are just some of the many opportunities to see the Northeast. For campers who are more interested in the area’s history, the sites of some of the most famous events in American history are within easy reach.

Go West, RV-ers, and discover the place where Washington crossed the Delaware River to win one of the most important fights in our nation’s history.  Stay at Timothy Lake North RV Park near the Delaware Water Gap and tour an early American village or climb Bowman’s Hill Tower for an incredible view of the river and surrounding landscape.

No matter what your tastes, Teterboro, NJ can provide entertainment and attractions covering a wide range of interests and history. If relaxing by a fire under your rented camper’s awning is more to your liking, there are plenty of places to do that too.

For an unexpected treat, rent a camper or RV from The Camper Connection and meet branch owners Elizabeth and Jeramie Cavallaro. The Teterboro couple will help you find the perfect camper to meet your needs, and will gladly share their own advice on the best way to see the areas hidden treasures.

Check out The Camper Connection’s incredible selection of RV’s, motorhomes, and campers in Teterboro, NJ, or at any one of the other branches around the country. Pick a camper and a destination, and The Camper Connection will help you hit the road in style.

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